Wood planks traders, wholesalers and buyers

Make sure that you visually separate the export products from the local sales, include a small story about the history of your company, indicate the size traderx capacity of your company, include mission and vision statements to show your long-term goals and targets, give details of any certifications, include pictures of employees working on the shop floor, list the types of woods that you are using with technical data sheets for each species and include a map to show where your company is located. Most trade fairs have an index of participants and exhibitors on their website.

Wooden Planks

Make sure that your corporate style is in place and online see tip 8 above. Component market Suppliers of tropical timber may find tracers opportunities in the export of components for such products as furniture and kitchens. DomotexGermany, medium-sized biennial fair for Wod January You should visit the trade fair that Wpod are interested in first. Stars up to a maximum score of five are used to indicate the relative importance of the fairs with regard to European trade in tropical timber. In almost all cases, construction projects are published for tendering and awarded to large construction companies, who buy the timber that they need from large timber importers and wholesalers.

Be aware that there is a difference between European countries with regard to the quality levels, pricing, design and timber species demanded. Check online databases for importers Apart from the online sales platforms and sector organisations mentioned above, there are some interesting databases that you can consult in your search for potential buyers.

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The German Timber Trade Federation GD Holz is a neutral association for the timber trade representing the p,anks of members in Germany, which are included on the website. UEA represents 14 national associations of furniture manufacturers. Speak the right technical language and be prepared for technical questions. The United Kingdom: Nevertheless, there are some websites and magazines that you may like to consider. Get to know potential buyers before you contact them 1. Europe in general: The membership list might be a starting point in your search for buyers.

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