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Chugh raked in 45 times return. You are bound Were make mistakes when you want to be a contrarian and want to buy out-of-favour stocks. I am even prepared to see some of my investments go to zero.

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He bought GVK Power with the hope dellhi the company would sell off a few power plants and pare debt to manageable limits. But problems worsened for GVK as it failed to pull off the asset sale for years and the debt swelled. These stocks are still not making money, but Chugh still plans to hold them. He is not too keen on identifying stocks that will turn out good the very next quarter. Instead, he is on the lookout for companies whose stock prices have got hammered down because of one or two bad quarters, but they have good long-term outlook. He keeps an eagle eye on stocks that are beaten down below their intrinsic worth because of short-term negatives.

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Future growth is one of the important parameters. A value stock remains a value stock unless there is growth, says he. Cash flow is another important parameter he watches closely. Most investors think only about returns. But risk management is important because equity investing is less about returns and more about probabilities and risk management, he insists.

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Management quality is important Chugh says while investing in microcap companies, it is difficult to select a good management as they are not talked or written velhi too often. In a number of the multibaggers that he has discovered, the market had initially perceived their managements to be questionable, as these stocks were available at low PEs with small market caps. The perception changed after the stock prices grew 5 to 10 times and large HNI investors and then institutional investors got into these stocks. Chugh says for him a good management is one which is focused on the business, has high promoter holdings and shares the wealth with investors through share buybacks and dividends.

Often, companies do not pay dividends because of high dividend distribution tax, but uses earnings for regular capital expenditure to scale up a business without equity dilutions. This also enhances shareholder value. Stocks you are eyeing right now Chugh refused to talk about his stocks due to Sebi regulations. However, he said: Forex Trading Concepts Chapter 3: Long or Short?

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