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Customizable online giving forms, website integrations, event registrations, social media listening tools, and an email design platform all round out this comprehensive suite. The entire Bloomerang CRM and fundraising platform was designed to directly address the needs of smaller nonprofits without all the technical fuss. Its features have helped nonprofits retain more donors and build stronger foundations for growth. For very small nonprofits, contact Bloomerang to discuss a free plan that allows up to donor records. These days, the vast majority of nonprofit donors choose to give online.

That being said, all too often nonprofits struggle to design inspiring fundraising websites for their cause. Whether this is due to a lack of coding knowledge or limited software options, nonprofits who want to take charge of their fundraising presence online should try Morweb. Equipped with their intuitive CMS, even the least tech-savvy of your team members can design beautiful web pages. Using their fundraising tools, you can empower supporters to make gifts directly through your website, no third-party service required.

Moreover, the platform allows you to give donors access to an online portal where they can see their contribution history as well as update their information.

Scalable, Configurable Interface. Another great thing about Optuons is that it has a scalable and highly configurable interface. This allows softwzre to customize the application to suit their specific needs. GiveGab GiveGab is nonprofite nonprofit giving platform that tackles online fundraising, supporter engagement, marketing, event fundraising, and volunteer management. With its user-friendly, customizable pptions, you can launch outstanding campaigns that will surely help you build optkons for your missions lptions engage with donors. The vendor also offers reasonably priced SMB and enterprise packages that are bundled depending on the types of of features you require for your operations.

They offer a Launch plan, Boost plan, and Enterprise plan. Moreover, each package has their respective platform fees. Why Choose GiveGab? Comprehensive Fundraising Tools. To make your campaign generate the highest possible revenue, GiveGab has different features at your disposal such as the easy-to-use campaign editor and management dashboard. It also has a mobile-friendly design that supports social sharing capabilities, peer-to-peer pages, and team fundraising pages. Automated Donation Management. GiveGab utilizes an automated donation receipt which includes the EIN and total donation amount, and you can even create custom thank you messages for your generous bidders.

Extensive Volunteer Management Features. Any campaign would not be as successful without its volunteers, and GiveGab offers unlimited volunteer opportunities. When using this platform, you can also easily assign tasks, automate reminder emails, send messages and comments, log support hours, upload photos, and more. Focused primarily on data consolidation and integrated search, this software allows you to get accurate information that can elevate the effectiveness of your fundraising campaigns. With it, you get access to comprehensive reporting solutions that help you connect with new donors and nurture your relationships with existing supporters.

Moreover, DonorSearch Online Tools provides a portfolio for each organization so you can pinpoint the info you need in a snap.

5. OneCause – Best Event Management and Donation Tool

Integrated Search. Knowing your target audience and existing supporters is always advantageous during a fundraising campaign. This way, it is easy to set up targeted mailing campaigns that yield more donations. Innovative ProspectView Function. It can be difficult to find supporters if you are looking in all the wrong places. This feature lets you check donor data across your databases and execute a prospect research on your terms. You simply have to filter the data depending on the parameters you want to get a clearer view of the information that you need on your search for new prospects.

Organization Portfolio Management. Do you find it difficult to keep track of fundraising campaign performance? DonorPerfect DonorPerfect is a comprehensive data management solution that is built to help organizations grow their missions and strengthen donor relationships. Equipped with donor management tools, personalized communication options, volunteer tracking solutions, social networking integrations, and information management features, this can cut down hundreds of administrative hours for organizations. Another great thing about this software is that it is available in different pricing plans that are bundled according to the features you require. Why Choose DonorPerfect?

Effortless Fundraising Management. DonorPerfect offers simple yet intuitive features for fundraising management, reports and analysis, information management, and payment processing. On top of that, the platform can support personalized communication, to-do lists, appointment scheduling, as well as grant tracking.

With these features, it is easier for users to manage the different aspects of their campaign without needing multiple nonprofitts. Built-In Event Management Tools. In addition to its full suite of fundraising management tools, DonorPerfect also has built-in event management capabilities. This allows you to plan galas, auctions, baxed outings, and other events as well as manage online registrations. Moreover, it can help you Weg these events in line with your volunteer tracking, alumni information, and social network fundraising. PCI Compliant Software. Your donors and members entrust your nonprofit organization with their information.

This is why you need to make sure that all their contact details are kept confidential. This will help you ensure that no account information is stored, offering donors the security and safety they need when they use e-check payments or credit cards to provide you with the financial support you require. Donately Donately is a donation management software for nonprofits, churches, religious organizations, charitable institutions, and individuals. It is equipped with tools that let you create online donation forms and fundraising pages, so you can raise more money for your cause in the most efficient manner possible.

Moreover, it simplifies all the tasks involved in managing donations through automation. You can take advantage of Donately completely for free if you use their startup plan. This is inclusive of the basic tools needed for donation management. Why Choose Donately? Modern Fundraising Dashboard. It is created with efficiency in mind so you can be sure that it has all the tools you need to manage your campaigns from workflow creation to data reporting. Plus, you can quickly integrate Donately with other the top web apps out there to further streamline your workflow.

Custom Donation Pages.

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Donations forms and fundraising pages softwsre you with an avenue to collect donations digitally, but it can be a hassle to make a landing page from scratch. This is why Donately offers donation form and page creation options that does not require extensive coding knowledge or programming know-how in order to customize. It can even support one-time and recurring donations. Easily Accessible Donor Portal.

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Transparency is an important aspect of fundraising. This also lets your supporters be more accountable for their own money. Givelify Givelify is a mobile donation management application nonprofihs is created for softwars organizations, religious institutions, private agencies, and individuals. The system also supports a convenient three-tap donation method that nonprofitz it easy traading your donors to contribute to your cause. Givelify offers nnonprofits simple pricing packages, one sfotware donors and another for organizations.

If you are a donor hoping to use Givelify, getting this application is completely free. However, the only downside to this is that your donors need to install this application too. Meanwhile, organizations are charged 2. Why Choose Givelify? Three-Tap Service. Your nobprofits are already giving you the financial backing you need, so why make payments complicated for them? Having complete visibility of your opfions operations will help you manage donations more effectively and interact gased members more Web based options trading software 4 nonprofits. This serves as a hub of information where you can track campaigns, get real-time insights, and monitor progress.

The best part about this feature is that you can configure it depending on how you visualize your data. Financial Management Integration. With Givelify, you can get access to third-party accounting and financial management applications. Kindful Kindful is a fully featured online fundraising service and donor management solution. Designed to help nonprofits focus on raising more money for their cause, this software is equipped with CRM tools, reporting and analytics features, and a full range of fundraising management capabilities. With this, you can track donations, create custom web pages for your organizations, organize crowdfunding, and curate an in-depth donor database.

This software is also available in different pricing plans that are billed on a yearly basis depending on the number of contacts you need the platform to accommodate. Embeddable donation tools to put wherever else you want to give supporters the option to donate. Peer-to-peer fundraising options to let donors easily create their own individual pages to promote and raise funds on your behalf. Integrated app support to track donation metrics in MailChimp, Google Analytics, Salesforce, and more. Donately provides a strong core service without unnecessary add-ons. If you know that your organization needs a more efficient donation form or a redesign of an existing page, Donately can offer you some simple, reliable solutions to get the job done and track some crucial statistics: The only additional associated costs are for digital transaction processing.

Donately requires no contracts or monthly or annual fees. Designed specifically for nonprofits, their online donation services are among the best available for creating custom pages and getting exactly the level of support that you need. Double the Donation is the ultimate tool to help your organization start making use of these hidden funds.

When an employer matches part, all, or nojprofits than twice a donation made by an employee, the nonprofots of the original donation are amplified. Now imagine amplifying every donation you received during your most successful fundraising campaign. With some easy tools from Double the Donation you can deepen your relationships with donors and local businesses while effortlessly growing your fundraising capacity. Check out the matching gift tools that you could start using today: Dedicated matching gift pages that allow your donors to quickly search for their employers and immediately begin a matching gift application.

Check out how the National Audobon Society created a dedicated matching gift search page for its donors: Matching gifts, though, should be an essential part of planning any fundraising strategyand Double the Donation can help you to maximize the impact of these opportunities. Check out their site for more information or to start a 2 week free trial of their software. Qgiv — Best Online Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Donation Tool Platform Overview While many fundraising solutions focus on streamlining the crowdfunding process, Qgiv instead gives you effective tools to run and optimize your peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

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This kind of campaign has quickly become a popular option for nonprofits of all sizes because they are extremely well-suited to social media. Your supporters can make their own individual pages for your campaign where they raise funds on your behalf. HighFive No more starfish phones or pin codes, with HighFive calls begin with just a click. Featuring video screen sharing, and availability to everyone on your domain. Free trial, pricing available upon request. Screen sharing, unlimited audio, and simple video conferencing.

No registration required. LucidMeetings Automate and standardize your meetings in one centralized platform. Features include automated tracking, timing, reminders, scheduling polls, professional email invitations, calendar invites, and meeting templates. Minute All your meeting needs in one single app: Integrates with a number of tools including Outlook and Google Drive.

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