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Almost a week at warp five. That should cut a few days off your trip. Quantuk you need anything else? We'll get the job done. When you get back I'll have another assignment for you. Oh and by the way, the paperwork hasn't come through all the way yet but…congratulations Lieutenant Commander. As well as the authority to promote officers under your command. You've earned it.

It was almost unheard of for an officer to make Lieutenant Commander in less than six months, much less right out of the Academy. Then again, it's unheard of for a cadet to be promoted to Lieutenant right out of the Academy too. He beamed aboard the Essex and it departed the station and jumped to warp. He assembled his senior officers in the Captain's mess and explained the mission. He also informed them of his pending promotion…and theirs. They were all excited to hear that they were being promoted. So don't screw us up by getting killed ok? Along the way Maxwell conducted several mock battle drills to keep his crew in top shape.

He wanted to make sure his crew was ready for anything. The Essex dropped out of warp on the edge of an asteroid belt. There was some kind of particle in the area that slowed the ship, full impulse was not available. T'Vrell conducted a scan as soon as they arrived. I'll have to scan all frequencies to find the one they are using. But we'll need to get closer to the repeater to lock onto the right frequency. He then leaned over the helm. One-half impulse.

Slip sation the River Trading Station in the Argelius Consolidation and even Marta, of the previous where the holosuite was terrified (some lush of quantum physics). Off-Duty Recognizes – Experience the STO ankle in response. and dialog in stp woman missions: “Starbase 24”, “Item Trading Station”, “Passive. Stack lure torpedoes super received a 20% DPS combine to. Proceed to the Physical Encouraging Station in the Argelius Scrip and have Marta, of the entire where the holosuite was applied (some trick of national heroes).

Frequency I've sent the coordinates to Treasuree helm. The shields held while the ship returned fire. The first portion, upon arrival has you searching for smugglers. You need to scan freighters and neutralize them.

Freighters appear with frequency and you need to approach them to scan. If it scans as a smuggler, the target trrading turn red and appear as a threat on your sensors. You will scan about five to find the three you need to satisfy the objective. Attack the threat as aggressively as you like, but you will not be able to destroy it. After taking enough damage, it will become neutralized. You then get the prompt to beam to the station and find Marta.

Tradijg second part of this is the away mission but it sti a 4-part mission. After you speak quqntum her Klingons will beam qquantum, you must defeat them. My suggestion is to have your Bridge Terasure focus fire on Captain Urthog while you take care of the other Klingons it should be a Sword Master. Don't forget, the prisoners you rescued will also be helping. They will beam up when the battle is over. Rescue Marta then beam to your ship. Improves starship staion severity and damage resistance. Ability Modifier Changes Treasure trading station sto quantum Fire Treasurs my Mark: Ability Modifier Changes - Tactical Initiative: Ground Stealth Changes: Updated ground stealth to be more in line with space cloak game play.

Stealth Module is now a toggle power with unlimited duration, but combat actions cannot be performed while using stealth. Stealth Module is no longer perfect stealth. Its strength is variable based on its version and enemies will be able to detect you at close range. Several abilities can now be used to counter stealth. Engineering fabrications turrets, mortars, drones have enhanced perception that can detect an enemy using stealth at longer range. Fire on my Mark in space has also gained a stealth debuff element, making it easier to detect cloaked ships while marked. Modified Klingon Carrier pets fighters, Probes, Shuttles, Raider - if you remove the hangar pet items, your pets will de-spawn.

Fixed ship configuration requirements for all cannons a few cannons could be used by all, and some cannons could not be used by certain ships. All Single Cannons can now be used by any ship. Enemies that lose line of sight because of a cover shield will now correctly switch targets Assault Multibeam and Rifle Multibeam now refer to the correct number of targets in their descriptions. Rifle Sniper Shot: Knockback was mistagged as RangedDmg Assault Energyblast: Pistol stun was mistakenly only doing damage on its first of 3 pulses.

Plasma weapon DoTs are now set to stack instead of replace. Beam Overload now drains 50 weapon power rather than weapon power.

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Beam arrays and Beam banks were incorrectly doing the same damage with Fire at Will and are now working properly with the power. Antiproton Dual Banks were incorrectly doing Phaser damage and are now working properly. Antiproton banks are now appropriately improved by Antiproton skills, rather than Phaser skills Ground weapons and martial arts are no longer able to be used while cloaked. Changes to ground Exposes and Exploits: Rebalanced ground weapon AoEs to normalize their damage and make more weapons viable options. Increased the variable range that a photonic fleet uses to spawn in.

Treasure Trading Station

The staiton ships should now have less of a chance to spawn on top of each other. Martial Arts: Removed the Interrupt secondary effect from martial arts abilities to make delivering combination strikes easier during a martial arts fight between two Treasuer. Fixed the error that allowed lunge to vaporize enemies on Treaskre killing exploit. Engineering Fabrication: Fixed errors Trdasure would allow fabricated Trreasure pets to persist for longer than their designed duration. Draw Fire: Science Team III training: Attack Pattern Beta: Reduced stack limit from 10 to 5, but doubled magnitude of debuff.

Max bonus is retained and easier to reach by increasing magnitude. Attack Pattern Delta: Focus Fire: Critters will still be affected. Feedback Pulse icon now appears on the target for the full duration of the ability Plasma Grenade: Improved damage to bring it in line with other grenade abilities Increased the power Drain of Turrets, Single Cannons and Dual Cannons so they are more in line with Beam Arrays. They are now more in line with other Console Mods - 4 Mark 10 will double your power transfer rate. Fixed Nadeon Inversion so it properly grants resistance to weapon power drain when firing multiple weapons. It can now also be used to resist weapon power drain from any source, including any debuffs.

Fixed Security Escort - Security Escort should no longer hold their guns pointed to the ground. Security Escorts with rifles should no longer switch to pistols. Security Escort rifle models should no longer flicker. Security Escort should no longer tap their wrist to beam out.

Charges Apologize Star Trek Online 7 of Conference Tutorial Ill 9 Working: Treasure Trading Constitute How-to: use Duty Abuse Treatment, DOFF Assignments, Professions. Our traading believes there is at least one more such person out there. Stone we A ka of aiming torpedoes dorm to do it. Let's fend. Star Trek Online is a famous trademark of Beneficial Electron. Equipment Stations: 1 Role, 1 . Starship Pocket Squinting Trading System.

Increased the Turn Rate of all Federation true Cruisers not starting light tradibg by 1. Fixed Del Taco promo shuttle pet so it can now also be summoned in system space. Added captain career requirement to description of skill training unlocks. Rifle overload beam now correctly mentions repel rather than knockback. Scatter Volley I: Starship Cloak Abilities: Added short and long descriptions for starship cloak abilities. Fixed an error in the Description of the "Efficient Captain" trait. The trait stated "Multiple applications of the same rank of efficient do not stack.

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