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Retirement plans are also available from Scottrade, matching rates with your employers to ensure maximum savings.

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Even just from a mutual fund standpoint, Scottrade wins out simply for its sheer volume of trades to work from. Fees Both Scottrade and TradeKing appeal to customers because of their extremely low stock trade prices, making it easy for small-time traders to get into the market at a very low cost. One area in which Scottrade has a slight advantage is in account fees, in which they charge no additional fees to open or maintain an account. Asset Allocation When figuring out the perfect asset mix for your investments, Scottrade and TradeKing both have different resources for determining this important aspect of your trading. You can select an action plan based on what growth level you want, and where you want your investments allocated.

It all gets adjusted in real time, and provides traders with guided investment tips to ensure effective allocation of assets. TradeKing, on the other hand, offers no specific tool for asset allocation that works the same way as Scottrade, but their community forums and online glossary provide effective education and guidance for people to check their own manual allocation against the portfolios of others. While this method has a much higher learning curve, it can still serve as an appropriate means of determining proper asset allocation. This is especially true for newer traders, as the tools Scottrade provides are just that much easier to wrap your head around.

Which Should You Pick? Who Is Each Good For? Because they are so established, you can benefit from the kind of security that comes from investing with them, including their commission-free mutual funds.

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For everyone else, though, TradeKing might well be the scottraed option. The generally lower fees and lack of account balance offer much greater flexibility ve short-term return on investment, even if the available options for mutual funds trading is slightly lower. Those looking for quality customer service might do well to focus more on Scottrade — their larger, more established outfit means they have greater resources to offer real-time help, whether specialized phone service or at any of their over physical locations. TradeKing, on the other hand, only offers phone or chat during business hours, as well as email and snail-mail services.

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If you want the greater benefit of infrastructure and more variety of choice, Scottrade will be perfect for you. In this review, we will compare TradeKing vs. Scottrade and the many different features that each site can provide to online traders. While TradeKing fees are less than Scottrade fees, there are many reviews out there that look at Scottrade vs. TradeKing and consider Scottrade to be the winner. However, other reviews have made the comparison and think TradeKing is better. Take a look through our review here at AdvisoryHQ, and make your own decision on which online brokerage to use. TradeKing vs. Since its founding, TradeKing has received great reviews overall and even received the 1 Broker Innovation Award for With a much more extensive history, Scottrade was founded in by Rodger Riney in Scottsdale, Arizona.

The company began as an investing firm named Scottsdale Securities. The company officially changed its name to Scottrade in and became one of the best discount online traders.

It just celebrated its 35th anniversary. Signing Up When scottradd at TradeKing vs. Scottrade, both offer easy ways to open accounts online. Their websites Trafeking that most applications are approved in minutes. Scottrade, on the other hand, is a much more established company, which is why it requires more capital upfront. TradeKing provides trading stocks, mutual funds, and ETFs. Its online platform offers streaming quotes and charts, independent investment research, and a profit and loss probability calculator.

TradeKing also provides its AutoTrade feature that will automatically place your trades for you during trading hours so you do Traddeking have to sit at your computer. TradeKing boasts an unparalleled online trading community and extensive educational resources for traders wanting to learn more about the business and its many tips and tools. TradeKing also offers a mobile application for iOS and Android systems. Scottrade allows you to trade stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and bonds. Its bank offers free checking accounts, savings accounts, and CDs. Scottrade also has an interactivemobile app for iOS and Android systems. How the Features Compare TradeKing vs. Scottrade is a hard comparison to make when looking for an overall winner because both online brokerages provide many similar features as well as many extra and unique features.

TradeKing is inferior to Scottrade in that it does not offer bonds trading.

However, Brokdrage fees are lower than Scottrade fees which we will review nextbut Scottrade has an advantage with its physical locations and banking options. Both brokerages offer extensive educational resources and customer service. TradeKing offers broker-assisted trading for no extra cost, which is beneficial for many novice traders. The features for both sites are extensive, and when looking at the features of Scottrade vs. Betterment vs. Wealthfront vs. When comparing TradeKing fees vs. Scottrade fees, we see that, overall, TradeKing is cheaper.

TradeKing vs Scottrade

As you can see, Scottrade fees for equity trading are significantly higher than TradeKing fees. When looking at Scottrade vs. TradeKing for options trading, TradeKing is cheaper once again. On the other hand, opening up any account with TradeKing is free.

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