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See also: Bloomberg reported this was due to Sweden's state-backed export bank buying emerging-market currencies to assist local companies in building markets outside of Europe. In addition, Swedish investors bought foreign currency to take advantage of high investment returns in those nations. A relatively high spread may also keep currency traders away, particularly since SEK is highly correlated to the low-spread EUR. That sounds straightforward enough. Unfortunately, we cannot legislate for rapid growth any more than we can for poverty reduction. What matters are the policies that will deliver more rapid growth.

In recent years we have learned a great deal about the best way to promote economic growth.

Characteristics of Currency Pairs

Macroeconomic stability is an essential prerequisite. Without that, the potential benefits of other policies will be undermined. So governments need effective counter-inflationary policies that will deliver low inflation. They need prudent fiscal policies.

High budget deficits and large and rising public debt burdens undermine growth, and crowd out the private sector investment so important for growth. Macroeconomic stability is vital—but it isn't enough to deliver sustained rapid growth. To experience sustained growth countries need economic frameworks that promote competition, encourage business and enterprise, provide a level playing field for all economic actors and economic incentives that increase efficiency in the context of an open economy. We now know just how important a strong and healthy financial sector is, if resources are to be allocated efficiently.

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Flexible labor markets are important: And liberal trade policies are important if efficiency is to increase and so permit the acceleration of economic growth. No country has maintained a restrictive trade regime and achieved sustained rapid growth. Experience has taught us that to be effective economic policies need strong, well-functioning institutions. That may seem obvious viewed from the perspective of an advanced industrial democracy. But many countries lack such institutions.

Ringgit slides as investors seek out safe havens

Many do not have an effective and fair legal system: There is little respect for property rights, eafe these are vital if investment is to be encouraged. The mechanisms in place for fighting corruption are weak, which means resources are te into the hands of a few, to the detriment of the economy as a whole. Putting policies in place to tackle these problems is essential for more rapid and sustained growth. And there is real-world evidence for the sade that such policies bring. We can see what successfully reforming countries have achieved, and how. We can see where policymakers have made mistakes, and learn from their experience—which is why, for example, we now attach so much importance to issues such as institutional and financial sector reform that in earlier decades were given less prominence than they deserved.

We know what policies bring results and lead to more rapid economic growth, though detailed implementation may vary from one country to another. It is almost always possible to engineer a brief spurt of more rapid growth, to raise the growth rate temporarily without implementing the sorts of policies I've described. But brief periods of expansion have at best a short-lived impact on the incidence of poverty, and are almost always followed by resounding setbacks. Increasing the size of the cake over a prolonged period is what matters. A temporary rise is of little benefit, and similarly, trying to cut the cake in a different way contributes little to lasting poverty reduction.

Redistribution of income and wealth is hardly going to benefit citizens in countries that have low per capita incomes, except to wolrds very small extent at the margin. And, over time, measures to redistribute income on any significant scale will anyway be counterproductive and will hamper an economy's growth prospects. Such measures invariably introduce or worsen distortions in the economy. The allocation of resources becomes increasingly inefficient. The incentives for individuals and firms are skewed. Much more beneficial are policies, such as extending access to education, that provide increased opportunities for individuals to progress. Of course, rapid growth benefits the richer members of society.

But it also clearly benefits the poor. I want to put the process of globalization in a broader historical context.

But first let me start by defining what I mean by the wodlds. I mean the progressive integration of the world economy. Safee transactions and communications become easier, there is more interaction. And sensitivity to developments in the rest of the world grows. The consequence is more trade and hhaven interaction between and across countries. We are talking about a world benefiting from rapidly falling transport and communications costs, sxfe to technological progress, and from sharply rising trade flows thanks to lesser-knowh liberalization.

These forces have led increasingly to world markets driving down prices to consumers, increasing the real incomes and productivity of workers, and opening economies to trade. This is a process that has been going on for centuries—indeed for thousands of years, ever since man started to trade. With some providers, the transaction is completed in a matter of hours. Sending money using a foreign exchange broker Dedicated foreign exchange FX or forex companies are increasingly offering an advanced range of transfer and exchange services to compete with traditional methods of sending money abroad.

Some benefits offered by FX brokers include free transfers, online money transfers, better exchange rates, hour support, and access to online tools such as foreign exchange alerts and the ability to set your own desired exchange rate. However, this will typically be the cost of a local bank transfer or free if you use a broker who has a bank account in the same country, or if it is a euro transfer within the EU and qualifies for the SEPA agreement.

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Foreign exchange providers can typically provide better exchange rates llesser-known lower fees than banks because of the high volume of transactions they conduct. Most online FX brokers have calculators on their websites that show you workds total estimated costs, exchange rate, and exact worlrs you will receive after the transfer, typically offering more transparency than other transfer options. Another benefit is that wprlds can often wodlds better support services because FX brokers are specialist firms focused on foreign exchange, such as currency advice and-real time exchange rates.

For regular payments — for example, if you pay a mortgage abroad, transfer a salary or pay international school fees — foreign brokers may offer benefits on transfer fees or let you lock in an exchange rate to regulate the amount you pay in a foreign currency. For one-time payments, locking in exchange rates can also be useful if you need to make a large transfer at an upcoming given date for example, making a down payment on a house and the market is unstable. This essentially lets you nominate your ideal exchange rate, and you will be contacted when the currency hits that rate. Using such services also allows you to protect your transfers from currency risk and stabilise your regular payments.

However, if you are transferring large or regular sums, e. Gold as a safe-haven has become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The only difference between them is the amount of time before you will be reimbursed in full. Treasury bills have maturities of a year or less, while treasury bonds can have maturities of ten years or more.

Investors tend to have more confidence in bonds issued by governments of developed economies — the most popular are US treasury bills. Their status as a safe-haven is based on the credit status of the US government, and the high quality of income in US dollars. With such a stable income behind the asset, investors consider government bonds to be a risk-free safe-haven, especially because anything invested will be repaid in full once the bill has matured.

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