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There are an estimated 16 million smartphones in California, and 1 billion smartphones worldwide. In simulated tests, the algorithm Kong developed successfully distinguished quakes from non-quakes 93 percent of the time. Allen hopes that thousands of people will download and install the app so that he and his colleagues can give MyShake a good test. If successful, he anticipates an updated app that provides early warning within a year. Allen and other seismologists gathered on Feb.

Seismometer Iphone App

In Seismograph app tests based on real earthquakes, MyShake was able to provide timely early warning as well as or better than ShakeAlert. Smartphones provided by Deutsche Telekom arrayed on a shake table at UC Berkeley for testing during simulated earthquakes. Over the past three years, as many as a eight people helped develop the computer code that ties the sensors to the analysis algorithm, and then uploads the data to servers at UC Berkeley. If the algorithm decides that the shaking it from a quake, it immediately sends basic information to UC Berkeley: Cloud-based software constantly reviews all incoming data and, if at least four phones detect shaking and this represents more than 60 percent of all phones within a kilometer radius of the epicenter, the program confirms an earthquake.

The researchers cross-check this with the California Integrated Seismic Network, which monitors earth movement all over the state using underground seismometers. I figured out that the recording stops when the phone locks and it is resumed when you unlock it.

Measures vibrations around the device.

The first time this happened right before the shot, which I lost. Also, having to touch your phone to unlock it while recording will result Seismograhp the recording of a very noisy section. I finally got to get a good recording. Manipulating the data This is the part that took me a bit of work. The first thing to do is to generate a time vector from the recorded date column. This is a fairly common task when working with field data. In the code box below I added the first 50 rows of time data.

The date, which I called calendar time, in the second column. The first column, with sample number, was not in the recorded data, I added it here for reference. The third column is the output time vector, which is cumulative time. To get to this result I copied the milliseconds only from the calendar time column. I used UltraEditmy favourite text editor, which allows to work with columns and column portions, not just rows. Then I used a MS Excel formula to generate the cumulative time vector.

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Once I got to this I recognized that the sample rate is variable. I added a column called dt, which is the difference between pairs of consecutive samples, to make it more clear. I am not too sure if THIS is a common occurrence or not. In my MSc thesis worked with ORION land seismometers equipped with three-component geophones and had to correct for drift and with dead time a short interruption in recording every minute due to GPS clock updates but not with uneven sample rate. Has anyone seen this before?

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I used a new sample rate of 10 ms Seimsograph taking the average of all values in the dt column, which turned out to be almost exactly 10 ms. First quick look Below is a plot of the data, which I generated in Matlab. There are two sections of high signal in all three recorded components.

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