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It provides a framework that can be used by all interested parties to further advance trade issues, and a vision for the future of the U. Capabilities Update Orientation Webinar Slides — November Cdc-pdf Understanding the Capabilities Structure and Composition Each capability standard comprises capability functions, and each capability function contains specific capability tasks that are supported by multiple capability resource elements. The resulting USSS was developed through the coordinated efforts of a large and diverse group of constituents representing stakeholders in government, industry, standards developing organizations, consortia, consumer groups, and academia.

The name also reflects a standardization environment that incorporates new types of standards development activities, more flexible approaches, and new structures. The Institute convened the United States Standards Strategy Committee to determine whether the NSS needed to be revised to reflect current issues and anticipated trends.

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The result is a document stratehy represents the vision of a broad cross-section of standards stakeholders and that reflects the diversity of sttrategy U. Capability tasks must be accomplished to complete a capability function Capability Resource Elements — Resources a jurisdiction should have or have access to successfully perform capability tasks associated with capability functions. Throughout the process, all the participants expressed a commitment to developing the USSS in a way that was open, balanced, and transparent. The name change recognizes globalization and the need for standards designed to meet stakeholder needs irrespective of national borders.

It established a standardization framework that was built upon the traditional strengths of the U.

State Standards in Effect for CWA Purposes

Capability Title and Definition — Description of the capability as it applies to state, local, tribal, and territorial public health agencies. Strategic and tactical initiatives contained within this framework were developed ubited that they could then be used sattes diverse interests to meet their own national and individual organizational objectives. The first NSS reaffirmed that the U. Each definition includes a list of potential partners and stakeholders with which jurisdictions may consider working to achieve the capability Capability Functions — Critical segments of the capability that must occur to achieve the capability definition Capability Tasks — Action steps aligned to one or more capability functions.

Resource elements are listed sequentially to align with corresponding tasks in each function.

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