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When a parameter takes a default value, it can be omitted from the actual parameter list when you call the procedure. When you do specify the parameter value on the call, it overrides the default value. In fact, it is an error to use it.

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Creating Stored Procedures and Functions Use a text editor to write the procedure or function. At the beginning of the procedure, place the following statement: This is not part of the code; it just activates the loading of the procedure. This replaces any previous version of that procedure in the same schema with the newer version, but note that this is done without warning. You can use either the keyword IS or AS after the procedure parameter list. To create without errors to compile the procedure or package successfully requires the following additional privileges: The owner of the procedure or package must be explicitly granted the necessary object privileges for all objects referenced within the body of the code.

The owner cannot obtain required privileges through roles. If the privileges of the owner of a procedure or package change, then the procedure must be reauthenticated before it is run. If a necessary privilege to a referenced object is revoked from the owner of the procedure or package, then the procedure cannot be run. Privileged users run the procedure under the security domain of the owner of the procedure.

Therefore, users never need to be granted the privileges to the objects referenced by a procedure. This allows for more disciplined optioanl efficient security strategies with database applications and their users. Specifying Parameter Default Values A parameter is considered optional if the parameter has a default value specified when it is unput. It is not necessary to provide a value for an optional parameter in a procedure call. The inpuut value of a parameter is used when: No value for the parameter is specified in the procedure call.

Note If the default value is a character string that contains embedded blanks or punctuation, or if it starts with a number for example, 6xxxit must be enclosed in single, straight quotation marks. Additionally, the following code will fail, since you are binding more than just literal values: Of course, your driver might just support this sort of thing, but don't rely on it working on other database systems! Bind Values and Data Typing Perl is a loosely typed language, in that you have strings and you have numbers. Numbers can be strings and strings can, on occasion, be numbers. You can perform arithmetic on strings. It can all be very confusing for us, so you can imagine how the driver feels when confronted with bind values.

To help the driver work out what sort of data is being supplied in a bind value, you can supply an additional argument that specifies the datatype. For example, the following code will bind the appropriately typed bind values to the statement for execution in the database: AND meg. It's a string.

However, that's not recommended because you lose the significant procrdure of compile-time checking by use strict. ToString ,! Value, this. Text ; I've wrapped each parameter on its own line for para,eter, but it's still just one function call. Adding or removing search options is as simple as adding or removing a parameter. There two really nifty things I want to point out about the Fill method, and they both involve one single character: If you think of if They can go places others can't try putting an if statement as a parameter in a method call. They provide a cleaner, more efficient, more concise solution. Text, The first part this.

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The data returned by this provider can in turn be used as input to any Behavior type. This example does not expect or require any parameters. An actual provider implementation would likely calculate or retrieve the response from an external system. Figure shows the second request using the Validation Technique.

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Based floog that information determines whether the content needs to be regenerated or can be served from the cache. The cached content is directly streamed back to the browser. If the content has changed, it generates the new content along with a new tag and caching level. The newly generated content is streamed back to the browser. In the expires model, the procedure pre-establishes the content validity period. This further improves performance because no interaction with the database is required.

This caching technique offers the best performance. One example storfd this is an application that generates news daily. The news can be set to be valid for 24 hours. Within the 24 hours, the cached content is served back without contacting the application.

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