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Optkons We are fundamentally different than most other trading sites: We are here to help. Just let us know what you need. We work extremely hard to keep things positive in our community. We do not tolerate rude behavior, trolling, or vendors advertising in posts. We firmly believe in and encourage sharing. The holy grail is within you, we can help you find it. Over time, the popular setting became a 20 period EMA, a 20 period average true range and a 2.

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These settings were brought to use by Linda Bradford Raschke. You can of course test various settings but in the end, we are simply looking for price engaging with either of sides of the channel. How To Use Keltner Channels to Trade Pullbacks Trading pullbacks is best done in a market that has exhibited a strong push in a direction in a trending market. This is based on swing analysis where you want to see conviction in a market swing that indicates another move in the same direction. Using the Keltner channel, we can use price travelling outside the bands as an indication there was conviction in the swing. Even a shadow plot is sufficient if you are a more aggressive trader.

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An excursion outside of the channel indicates an extreme from what was a nninjatrader normal price action. When price is at the channel, that is an alert to look for a pullback in the price to an area around the 20 period EMA. This chart shows a down trending market in play. Highlighted by the orange color, you can see that price has traveled outside of the channel.

This is the first sign that we keltnef have a trade if the pullback fits other criteria. Price moves to channel extreme Not all excursions equaled a pullback into the zone around the moving average and as you can see that at times, price traveled along the channel. That issue will be covered in a later trading tips segment. Valid and invalid price excursion to channel extreme We now have three definite pullbacks that met our criteria of: A price cross of the average does not invalidate the trade setup. Obvious trending market as shown by the slope of the channel and moving average.

Effective Keltner Channel Trading Strategy

We would like to see price pulling back not only to the mid-line but also to a price structure or exhibiting a topping pattern. This is called confluence and can actually increase the probability of your trade getting some traction. We need a trigger to get into the trade and there are many tools that you can use. Momentum indicators are a popular method as well as the very basic trend line. This chart is a factor 4 less than the previous chart. By using a smaller time frame to get into the trade, you may be able to get a better position sizing as you position yourself higher in the curve to the downside in this example. Trend lines and Keltner Channel trading strategy The black dotted lines on this chart are boxing off structures of possible resistance that coincide with the pullback to the mid-line.

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These potential zones of trading opportunity that includes the structure are from the trading chart and I encourage you not to use the trigger chart to find the structure. Before continuing, the area marked three may have some questions. It is a sloppy complex pullback because the second leg did pierce the bottom of the first before reversing from what may be considered a double bottom. Where this gets interesting is the second leg matches in distance the first leg of the move. Paint bars added.

Update August Otions, Ehlers Filter updated. Update October 4, Ehlers and Gauss filters updated, moving mode removed. Channel and paintbar colors will now align, when indicator is displaced. Update January 14, Second indicator added, which calculates upper band from high average and lower band from low average.

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