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A culture that champions ideas, promotes growth and rewards results

As a trading firm built by traders, we understand the importance of balancing risk vs reward, as well as the value of challenging each others thinking to become better traders. We seek employees who can add value to the process by developing a deep understanding of the markets, its trends and behavior, and can deploy that knowledge through building systems and trading the markets. The firm is only profitable once the trader is. We subject ideas to rigorous debate and constantly test ourselves against the market.

We are very selective with the candidates that join our team. Successful employees have an entrepreneurial spirit and thrive in an environment that rewards thinking outside the box. After gaining a solid foothold in the equity and equity derivative markets, Bluefin expanded to equity option and initiated energy derivatives trading at the New York Mercantile Exchange in The information on this website is not intended to constitute investment, legal or tax advice and may not be relied upon as such by any person.

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The Bluefin partners facilitate the active evolution of ideas and strategies through an open dialogue between partners, traders, IT professionals and support staff. Furthermore, Seven Points Capital, Trding is not offering for sale any securities or other financial products, nor is it soliciting any transactions or investments, through this website. We make sure to have everyone's interests aligned to allow our trainees to progress quicker and perform at a high level on a consistent basis. We value intellect, creativity, integrity, and expertise in all forms.

Our strength lies in continuously seeking out trading and investment opportunities in financial derivatives across a broad array of products and markets.

ETNA Software at Traders EXPO in New York, Marriott Marquis Hotel

We believe that the fluid exchange of ideas is critical firns successfully adapt to dynamic and evolving markets. You can play ping Optkons or basketball, watch TV, or sit with friends to release stress. This ability to perform under pressure comes from the constant teachings of the markets and the psychology and discipline needed to navigate them successfully. More Please note that Seven Points Capital, LLC is a proprietary trading firm and is not soliciting customers or customer relationships by means of this website or otherwise.

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