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Discount trades are no longer the exclusive territory of no-frills online brokerages. In the past ttading years, many top-tier names have lowered their trading fees considerably, bringing industry-leading research tools and cost-effective trading together. Add a few points to your gains or more by reducing your trading costs can add up to thousands over time. When it comes to investing in your future, no one has a greater vested interest than you. An informed trading decision will have a larger impact on your investment account than an occasional dollar or two in trading fees. Why you can trust us What is a stock broker? To understand the brokerage industry, you first have to understand the two types of brokers.

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There are full-service brokerage firms, and discount brokerage firms, both of which provide differing levels of service at hrading different price points. Full-service brokerages -- This label is given to traditional brokerage firms, primarily those that operate out of brick-and-mortar offices. Their main selling point is service, meaning that they offer more than just the ability to place a trade. Your money is indeed insured, but only against the unlikely event a brokerage firm goes under.

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Your account choices boil down to taxable versus tax-favored e. And by that we mean traxing a thoughtful and disciplined approach to investing your money for the long-term. How do I determine if a broker is right for me before I open an account? Investment Products - Are you only trading stocks online, or are you interested in ETFs, mutual funds, options, futures, and forex too? In the United States, different regulations are required for brokers who support more complex asset classes. Beyond trading different assets classes, having access to online banking and advanced order types, such as conditional ordersare also considerations.

Mobile Trading - Managing a stock brokerage account on the go is certainly important for traders who travel and frequently use their smartphones.

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While nearly all online brokerages offer mobile trading apps, not all are created equal. Instead, these fees show up in the price on the ticker tape. Also watch out for mutual funds that charge a front- or back-end load for each purchase or sale. These usually range from 0.

Play with your own fake firmw Give yourself a few thousand in fake money and play investor for a bit while you get the hang of it. Q Can I deal in shares through a mobile app? A Yes, but only if the company offers one. You still need to open an account online and add money before you can make any trades on the app.

About our online stock trading comparison Q Who do Onllne include in this comparison? A We include share dealing accounts from our panel that offer online stock trading. Here is more information about how our website works.

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