Metatrader oco script examples

Trade with 2 Straddle Sets. Scrip limit to prevent getting filled by widening spread. Auto Delete untouched Orders after News Time 5. Accurate tract of time; cannot be fooled by Server Time error 6.

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Modifies and maintains distances of orders to current exampples before news. Trailing Stop ith MaxTrailingStop 8. Fast Abort Function auto remove pending orders in one click 9. Fast http: This can be done at any time.

Best is to get this Clock selected immediately once it pops up as shown above. This way, simply hit the "DEL" keyboard key and Metatradr will abort in one key stroke. BurgerStraddleScript displays scripf information: Script always check your computer's time and not the Broker's time. It takes seconds to fetch the actual numbers though; but it still beats being blind. This part is experimental and has lots of room to mature. When it is executed, it will wait for time to place Orders. DO NOT set it lower than 30 seconds unless your broker is fast!

Be informed that BurgerStraddleScript will place the orders at extremely far distances.

It should be put in MetatradeInstall/experts/scripts rookie and after BuyLots, BuyOrderPrice, Weekly, bsl, btp, "Buy OCO", Feeling, Expiration, Blue); Sample. hey im only for a new that cancells one guru order when the other has been surprised. Bellow: limit buy set at a bar looking and a limit overhead set. Buy Android and Sell Stop woes with OCO and Opening Stop 0 followers Is there a idea for manage order with trade loss, take possession and Works an MT4-EA or wire exits, to show app multiple orders with lower loss Example.

In my experience, Placing Orders is much slower than Modifying Orders and thus, I programmed it to place the orders far earlier than usual and rely on modification to bring it closer. After placing orders, it will wait for the time to Modify the orders. During Modification Phase, it will keep the orders in distance from the Metwtrader prices following it until the defined NewsTime. Once NewsTime elapsed, it will delete everything should nothing happens. Or delete the wxamples that is not filled. If TrailingStops is set, it will trail the filled orders. To disable Trailing Stop functionality, simply set: As of v3h, a MaxTrailingStop is added. MaxTrailingStop 10 Buy 1.

When SL is at 1. Once an order get nearer than MinDistance, script will modify it outward to OrdDistance; if an order get farther than MaxDistance, script will modify it inward to OrdDistance. For normal use, simply set all these three variables equal to each other. There is no recommended number here - it is trader's discretion. Most commonly used values would be MaximumSpread This variable protects you from spread widening. On brokers that does not widen spread, or is known not to widen spread, you can set this to equal the spread of the currency pair. However on brokers that does widen spread, now this is a problem.

You can either disable MaximumSpread by setting a large number or give it a number that you are comfortable with.

Best is to set it equal to your StopLoss Here are the options: MaximumSpread is a protection before the news spike occurs, not during, not after. NewsTime NewsTime can be any of the following format: Inserted Code 8: But of course, you have the option of compensating the exact time of news by choosing 8: I prefer to TimeSync my computer clock. How difficult is it to sync your computer's time? Is it illegal to have an accurate time? However, you can still specify GMT time There is a minor bug: This type of structure represents properties of the order in the pair, i. OCO order. In simple words, we need to explain the program which orders it will be placing.

It protects from errors when selecting the corresponding order examplew in the Input parameters Fig. Init method is engaged in order pair initialization. In fact it places the order pair itself and records success or failure of new pair emergence. I should say that this is an active method, as it performs trading operations by itself. We can also create passive method as well. It will simply connect into a pair already active pending orders which have been placed independently. I will not provide a code of the entire method.

But I would like to note that it is important to calculate all prices opening, stop, profit, limitso the CTrade:: OrderOpen trade class method can perform a trade order. For that end we should consider two things: This method calls a couple of private methods: BaseOrderType and PendingType. The first one defines order direction, the second one determines pending order type. MetaTrader 5 has six different types of pending orders. With this context, there may be 15 variants combinations of pairs provided that there are different orders in the pair.

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Types of orders should be specified examplws script parameters Fig. Deinitialization of Pair This method is responsible for control over pco order pair. The pair will "die" when any order leaves the list of active orders. In such a manner, the EA will be able to process activation of any pair order without delay. Pair initialization flag is checked in the body of the class method. Attempt to check orders will not be made if flag is cleared. This approach prevents deleting one active order when another one has not been placed yet.

Admiral Markets Group consists of the following firms:

Let's add functionality to the script where a couple of orders have been placed. Generally exampls the EA will differ from the script only by the Trade event handling block in its code: However both test programs have weaknesses. The first program script can only actively create the pair but then it looses control over it. The second program Expert Advisor though controls the pair, but it can't repeatedly create other pairs after creation of the first one. To make OCO order program script full-featured, we need to expand its toolset with the opportunity to place orders.

We will do that in the next section. It will be a part of the controlling EA Fig.

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