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The Expert Advisor can be attached to the chart of any financial instrument Since the EA analyzes the trade account state at every tick coming, to decrease delays of notifications it is recommended to run the EA on a symbol, where ticks come most often for example, one of Forex currency pairs:: Sending Notifications to the Mobile Terminal First of all, you should have mobile version of MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 terminal installed on your Android or iOS powered device to receive notifications. You should also allow sending push notifications in MetaTrader 4 trading terminal, on which the EA is to be launched.

Step 2 – MetaTrader 4 Settings

The Expert Advisor will not send a new notification if less than specified time has passed since sending the previous one. It will save that notification instead. Click OK. After you have completed this step it is absolutely imperative that you restart MetaTrader 4.

Sound Alerts in Indicators

You will get the following message: It may take the email a couple of minutes to be sent not more than 5 minutes. Having created alerts, one may leave the monitor as the client terminal will automatically inform about the server event. All alerts in this tab are represented as a table with the following fields: The following can be used as such a condition: As soon as this time comes, the alert will trigger. At the specified time the alert will be automatically deleted. The local computer time should be indicated here. This can be an audio signal, a file executable in operational environment, a message sent by email or a push notification sent to a mobile device.

Alerts Management The following context menu commands are intended for managing alerts: Our main task is to detect in what arrays the indicator lines are stored. Let us look into the code for this: Such arrays mostly have intuitively comprehensive names MacdBuffer is the MACD main line value buffer, SignalBuffer - buffer of the signal line and are always located outside of functions init, deinit, start. If there are many arrays and it is difficult to see which of them is necessary, look into function init - all arrays shown in the chart are anchored to a certain number using function SetIndexBuffer: Names that you can see there are given by function SetIndexLabel - this is the third identification method.

Now, when we know where the necessary data are stored, we can start realization of the alerting block.

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For this, let's go to the very end of function start - just above the preceding operator return: So, let's start writing our "composition": If no new bar starts to be formed, quit. Normal variables are zeroized after each execution of the function. So we have declared two static variables to store the latest alert and the calculated bar number. Then a simple checking follows: Below is the alert code itself: If the preceding alert was SELL, check intersection of lines: Then mark that the last alert was for BUY and display the informing message. Note the three commented lines - these are three more alert variations. You can decomment or delete any or all of them. Coppock is the only buffer that can be used for alerts here — unsurprisingly so because Coppock indicator is represented by a single histogram.

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Alert conditions Where Now after you have successfully identified the names of the indicator buffers that you plan using in your alerts, it is time to add the actual alert conditions. In older MetaTrader 4 indicators, it is called int start. The alert conditions code should be inserted just above the last return 0 ; statement inside that function. In newer MT4 and in MT5 indicators, the function is called OnCalculate and its declaration can vary from one indicator to another.

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