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Elliott Wave Theory

Elliott Wave Scanners: Do They Work? I trust your weekend continues to be enjoyable. Below are a couple of really good questions I received this week regarding Elliott Wave and more specifically the ability to run a scan to find particular Elliott Wave patterns. I will be honest, it can have an impact on my ability to be objective. Each time I issue a trade, I am keenly aware that it may not work out as planned, and some clients may get their feathers ruffled. Thus there can be times where I second guess, or over analyze a trade versus just letting it fly. However, since trading cannot be a game of perfection, I try my best to not really care too much about short-term outcomes.

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Metatradfr question is if you use the scanner tool Metattader the platform and what your view is on it? It seems like a great tool to find specific wave structures on a variety of markets and timeframes that can be used as a starting point for further analysis to specific trade setups. Yes, you nailed it: Approaching the markets with only one tool in your kit will be devastating. Corrections are especially difficult in this regard. Fibonacci numbers play an important role in the construction of the complete market cycle described with the Elliott's waves. Each of the cycles Elliott defined are comprised of a total wave count that falls within the Fibonacci number sequence.

Under closer examination of Fig.

Similarly, at a bear market, we can see that a bear Grand Supercycle is composed of one large wave, five middle waves, and 21 small waves. If we continue this subdivision, we will be able to observe the consequent 89 even smaller waves, etc. Respectively, a bull Grand Supercycle is composed of one large wave, three middle waves, and 13 small waves. At the next sublevel, there are 55 very small waves, etc. Figure 2.

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This principle is normally used in the Elliott Wave Theory as follows: For example, if the time, during which the trend does not change, exceeds 3 days, this direction should not reverse until the 5th day begins. Wavds, the trend should continue up to 8 days if it has not changed the direction within 5 days. This basic pattern of how the trend movements can be calculated equally applies for both hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly data. However, this is just an "ideal model", and nobody can expect that prices' behavior will be so definite and predictable.

Elliott noted that deviations could happen both in time and in amplitude and individual waves would hardly develop exactly in these regular forms.

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Every wave 4grs a set of characteristics. These characteristics are based on market behaviour arrays. In the Elliott Wave Theory, a special attention is paid to individual description of each wave. Besides, there are certain laws used for proportional formations of Elliott waves table below. These laws enable proper definition of where the wave starts and how long it is. The wave lengths are measured from high to low of the corresponding wave.

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