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It kind of developed into a challenge for us, who knew about using the computer and the Internet and a few other gadgets. But that was just about it as here now is a chance to finally improve our knowledge.

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Show Gratitude: We all know that Metahrader have options, so when they buy an item from you, be thankful. Just to reiterate a few — You can set up an auto email to be sent to the customer as soon as the payment clears. Secondly, you should send a thank you note in your package. Its cheap, fast, and has a huge impact!

Lastly, you can also add something fun in the package that they might not expect. The difficulty level is perfect, the graphics pixel-perfect, the scope of the game huge - in short, a modern Symbian Hit - with, yes, a capital 'h'. Cut the rope The cross-platform arcade puzzler, like Angry Birds, even running this will gain you credibility in an increasingly iOS-centric mobile gaming world. Another physics-based title, here it's all about getting your head around strategy and split second timing, juggling objects, bands and the all important candy, in order to feed the monster Sparkle Arguably the most polished game I've ever played on Symbian, it's the well-known game of firing coloured balls into an ever-advancing line in order to matchor-greater.

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Sounds boring, actually is xymbian^3 but, mainly thanks to the smoothness of the action and the abundance of power-ups, which do more and more outrageous and helpful things. Terrifically Metatraxer, Sparkle will amaze and addict you in every way. Tennis In The Face The oddestly named game on the platform, this is another 10tons special they wrote Sparkle, above and is physics-based with a huge slice of humour. And violence. Essentially, you play an embittered ex-tennis ace, firing off smashed at the heads and torsos of every set of characters who get in your way, all of them themed and controlled by an evil corporation.

Metatradsr Naturally, there are puzzles to solve, things to blow up and budge and bounce off. Never a dull moment, recommended and, again unusually, first on Symbian before the other mobile platforms got a look in. Death Race Take the concept of a racing game, then set it in the future, with low flying spaceships instead of cars. Give all the racers weapons and high tech heads-up displays, add a sci-fi plot and some futuristic cityscapes, then throw in blisteringly fast and smooth action, a pumping soundtrack and numerous powerups, and you've got yourself a Symbian-powered winner. There are even 'pit stops' - no, really! Stunning graphics and 3D action.

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Here's my review. RealGolf HD One of the very first of Nokia's 'HD' games, RealGolf HD still impresses - it's not quite as photorealistic as some iOS options, the animations very occasionally stutter, but Meratrader all here, in terms of a decent golf simulation, with wind, spin, slopes, ball lie and much more. Add in the obligatory helicopter flybys, a good green elevation grid and some fake American commentary and you've got the complete package. It may seem easy at first but then you hit a bunker and get a double-bogie and you're then fighting all the way to the club house Our resident expert traders with over 30 users combined trading experience.

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It's easy to use. And Metatrder very helpful for FX trader. Cheers DailyForex The app, which is available for both Android and sumbian^3 devices, provides Forex signals, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, market news, alerts and articles that offer strategic tips and suggestions for Forex traders of all levels and preferences. The latest version of the DailyForex mobile app integrated the content offerings of the FXAcademy into the app to enable traders to learn all about the Forex market from wherever they are.

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