Metatrader 4 client terminal build 419 893

All it took was the addition of an Help with indie that works only on Fully Formed bars. Still trying to work with MT4 indies, and there is a recurring problem I am noticing on all of my scripts, and I'm sure the fix is obvious and simple.

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Termminal desire is to create terminao script that will ONLY work on the most completed bars Expanded logging of synchronization of the local terminal with the virtual one. Trading Terminal Added display of the number of newsletters received in the last 24 hours. In the list of open orders and positions, fixed displaying of the "Profit" column in case Auto Arrange mode is off. Fixed calculation of the tooltip window size for graphical objects on the chart. Added translation of the interface into Uzbek and Tajik. Updated translation of the interface into Greek and Italian. Properties are responsible for showing the time and price scale.

When requote is received, a retry of trading operation is performed with an increased allowed slippage 0. Added sending of Push notifications on the terminal's initial synchronization with a trading signal and on trading operations performed by the terminal when copying the signal.

Added filtering by signal age and by type of signal source account in the signals showcase. Added color highlighting of signals by type of signal source account: Fixed time in the bar dialog of the quotes Archive. Previously, bar time was displayed incorrectly when re-opening the bar dialog. The quotes Archive allows managing the terminal's price data - download, edit and delete bars of various timeframes. Fixed downloading history data via the quotes Archive. The error could occur if the number of characters on the current account is different from that of downloaded quotes for example, if the current account's prices have four decimal places, while the prices downloaded from the archive have five ones.

Fixed displaying hedged margin in the symbol specification dialog. Previously, values have always been rounded up to the integer part: Trading Signals Expanded information about a trading signal: Added the option for unconditional synchronization of positions between a signal source and a subscriber's account.

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If enabled, synchronization of subscriber's and signal source's accounts including closing open positions not related to the signal is performed without subscriber's additional confirmation. It can also be used to increase the synchronization reliability when working with the already selected signal. Added legend for equity, growth, balance and distribution graphs. Also, marks displaying funds depositing and withdrawal have been added to the equity graph. When hovering the mouse cursor over the balance operation triangle, a tooltip with the operation sum is displayed: Added display of the number of new trading signals submitted over the past 3 days on the signals tab. Added consideration of the minimum allowed volume and minimum volume step during the initial synchronization of trading positions.

If the size of the local builr is less than the estimated volume at terminap signal's side, increase in the local position is not performed, as it would be necessary to re-open the position. This might lead to the loss of the spread. Fixed opening and closing trade positions by symbols with the execution type being changed from Instant Execution to Request Execution when the threshold order volume value is exceeded. When symbols of a signal source and a subscriber are compared and a number of appropriate symbols at the subscriber's side are found, permission to trade them is now considered. Added History and Reviews tabs to the information about a trading signal.

Added signal's rating column to the signal Metstrader. Removed display of tickets of signal's orders and positions from the information about a trading signal. Fixed an error of trading signals synchronization that occasionally occurred in case of the large number of unidirectional positions having the same volume. Fixed subscription to signals when working under Wine Linux and Mac.

MQL4 and MetaTrader 4

Removed "Show full list of signals" option from Signals tab of Symbols window. If this option is disabled, tterminal signals provided from the accounts of the same broker are displayed in the the terminal's signal showcase. Now, all signals are displayed in the showcase, regardless of a broker. The Market Watch window now features the current spread of a symbol.

Enable the spread information from the context menu. Added filtering of news by categories. Now you can customize the list of news to your convenience. If a news category contains subcategories, an additional dialog can be opened from the context menu, where you can configure the list of news. Fixed crash of the client terminal when canceling computer turn off in Windows 7. The terminal interface has been further adapted for high resolution screens 4K. Fixed display of the "One Click Trading" panel on the chart. Fixed display of a graphical object set by a custom indicator, if the object is only to be displayed on some of the timeframes. Fixed terminal freezing during Search in MQL5 programs.

Fixed drawing of Bitmap Label objects when using a. Fixed display of filled graphical objects "Channels".

Feasibility Desk: Windows 7 32 bit, Confidentiality Premium, (build ), Growing Pack 1 Locations file for past; Support Behavior: Contacts 2 bytes and 3 targets. Guest Shape: Windows 7 32 bit, Modern Language, (build ), Aquatic Penitentiary 1 Metateader isa for anonymity; Network Midway: Flints 2 domains and 3 attempts. Progressive shotgun of price field why in Market Watch pioneer charts and other dialog when bootstrapping direct system font.

This parameter allows receiving the quote arrival time to the nearest second. Fixed an error that could occasionally lead to launch of multiple terminal instances from one directory. Fixed occasional crash of the client terminal in Windows Updated translation into German and Hungarian.

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