Metatrader 4 0 manual rotary

The platform has a wide variety of responsive charts with varying time zones, more than 70 pre-installed indicators, and different viewing modes. It also has many templates and sharing tools.

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It is manula for all traders regardless of their experience level. Many scalpers, day trader, and investors find it suitable for their forex trading activities. SuperTrader supports robots, algorithms, and advisers. With these tools, you can trade with little doubt about market data. In addition, the platform provides you with a variety of tested and proven trading strategies.

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You can reduce manal investment risk by choosing a number of trading strategies. Rumus If you are looking for a forex trading platform that enables you to develop and test trading strategies using historical data before applying then in real time, Rumus is that platform. Besides, the platform has ready-made trading strategies. It can analyze quotes history accurately, display real-time quotes and save your indicators. Among the peculiar characteristics of the trading platform is its terminal interface that uses drag-n-drop technology.

This technology provides more visibility and efficiency when trading. As you choose a trading rotafy, the following questions can help you evaluate each option available: Does the trading platform offer the lowest spreads around? What is my proficiency level? Am I a beginner, intermediate level trader or advanced trader?

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What types of software does the platform provide for trading? Is the trading software free? If not, how much will it cost? Does my forex broker offer the trading platform? How much money do I have as forex trading capital?


dotary Can I trade using a single account or multiple accounts simultaneously? When a template is manul by you, it determines the layout of the chart s you view. The platform also comes Metatraedr some preset default templates that you may choose to use. Templates may also be accessed from one of the upper toolbar icons at the top of the Mrtatrader Alternatively, you can achieve this by clicking Mrtatrader the Chart icon at the far left of the upper toolbar: Each chart may be shown in three different graphical price formats: The formatting may be performed by clicking on the required one of the three icons located in the middle of the upper toolbar, as shown below: Zoom you may soon in or out of particular charts.

The zoom may be achieved by clicking on the positive or negative of the zoom icons within the upper toolbar: Time Frames the time frame the periodicity of each data point along the horizontal time axis of a particular chart may be set or amended, either by simply clicking on the required periodicity button within the lower toolbar: Drawing Tools you can make your own studies on your charts by using these Drawing Tools, which include horizontal and vertical lines, trend lines, channels, etc. These can be accessed on the left hand side of the lower of the upper toolbars: Connection Status in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, there is a graphical meter and a numerical display.

This shows the stream of information that is currently flowing between your broker and your platform through your internet connection. If you do not, you may attempt to log in Metatrafer right clicking on the numerical display which will open a log in dialog box. If there are no faults in your log in but there is still no connection, check your internet connection is operating properly. If there is a connection but the information flow is still blocked, you should contact your broker. Executing Trades the most important function that Metatrader can perform when connected to your broker is of course the actual execution of trades.

Regardless of the order type, the order input dialog box may be accessed in either of two ways.

This does bring up the order dialog box, although the box is not shown in the diagram below: Market Orders these are trades that are opened right away at the market price. The dialog box shows the prices that are available for both long buy and short sell trades. Stop loss and take profit levels for the trade may also be added before executing the trades, or left unfilled: Post-Execution when you have sent your order to your broker by clicking on either the blue or red buttons, you will receive a message within a dialog box that will appear on your screen, which will either confirm that your order was executed, or explain that your order was not executed, at which point you might want to try to execute the order again.

Failure to execute usually occurs in situations when a market order is input while the market price is moving very quickly. An example of an execution confirmation is shown below: Modifying or Closing Orders open or pending trades may be closed or modified, for example you may wish to amend stop loss or take profit levels, or enter such levels where none exist.

Transaction History Additional Features Smartphone Application Metatrader is available as a smartphone application, allowing you to trade with your phone from remote locations without having to be in front Metateader a PC or laptop or tablet device with an internet connection. Technical Metqtrader technical studies may be added by being drawn by the user, in addition to the application of indicators. Profiles chart profiles are a chart or selection of charts with defined settings that may be saved and accessed by the user. Crosshairs this tool is used to make measurements within a chart, and is accessed by clicking on the appropriate icon in the lower toolbar: If you have multiple accounts, or if it is your first log in to a new account, then the log in process must be performed manually.

The log in dialog box can be accessed either by left-clicking on the Connection Status display in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and then left-clicking on the Log In box which appears, which will launch the log in dialog box: You will need to input your log in ID, password, and preferred server, all of which you should have received from your broker when you opened the account.

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