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Best pption to expedite Question: How can an expedite request be submitted to Cisco Customer Service? You may request an expedite online via the Case Management Tool recommended or contact Cisco Customer Service by e-mail or by phone. Cisco Account Managers submitting orders on your behalf may also contact Cisco Customer Service, but for fastest processing, we recommend that you submit your requests directly through Cisco Customer Service.

In order to meet your needs, we recommend you provide your acceptable mesning range optioj the time of the expedite request. Why did Cisco ship my expedite standard freight service instead of express? Cisco Customer Service cannot arrange to ship your orders with a faster freight service without your authorization. If you would like to have your expedited order shipped faster, please make sure to communicate this to Customer Service at the time of your request. What happens if my expedite was accepted, but a few days later, the promise date changes to a later date?

Usually this happens when your order gets put on hold after the expedite was accepted. Holds can be applied if changes are made to the order. To prevent this from happening, ensure that all the changes required to the order are made prior to submitting the expedite e. Contacting Cisco Customer Service directly with any expedite requests will give you the fastest response time possible. All standard expedite requests are processed through Customer Service, so requests that go through other contacts are sent to Customer Service, taking more time before we can process your request. If I request an expedite for several products, but Cisco can only expedite for example one of the products, what happens with my request?

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Cisco Customer Service expesite work to provide you with alternatives if we cannot process your original request. This may include a request to split ship sets, reducing your order quantity for expedite, or suggesting alternative products. If we offer you other suggestions instead of your original request, please respond within 24 hours with your decision. We ask for you to reply within 24 hours in order to provide the best opportunity to improve your shipment date. Please note that agreeing to any of these options does not guarantee that your shipment date will be improved. Cisco will make a best effort to accommodate your expedite request.

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What does it mean when I get a notification that a product is expeidte In some cases where demand is much greater than expectied, products may temporarily not be eligible pu a standard expedite. Under these conditions, your Account Manager is involved to help prioritize the expedite requests. Cisco will notify you when we are involving the Account Manager. General Frequently Asked Questions Question: If you are in the Customer Service organization, please open a case at the following website: If you are in the Manufacturing organization, please open a case at the following website: How do I give another user proxy access to My Expedites?

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Enter the user id of the person to whom you wish to grant proxy access and click Search. The Sweet Spot The stock goes through the roof. Please note: Maximum Potential Loss Risk is limited to the premium paid for the call option. Ally Invest Margin Requirement After the trade is paid for, no additional margin is required.

As Pyt Goes By For this strategy, time decay is the meaninv. An options contract provides an investor the right to buy, known as a callor sell, known as a putspecified stocks or commodities at a specific price at a specific time. The price specified in the contract is referred to as the strike price. As the expiration date of a particular options contract approaches, the result of the contract is easier to predict. The extrinsic value or the difference between its strike call and its intrinsic value changes during time decay.

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In cases of in-the-money options, such as puts where the price of the underlying is listed as less than the strike price, these contracts are less likely to produce a profit for a new buyer based pkt what optoin seller would request. Also known as theta and time-value decay, the time decay of an option contract begins to accelerate in the last 30 to 60 days before expiry, provided the option is not in the money. In the case of options that are deep in the moneytime value decays more rapidly. These put and call options are typically directed against the promoters.

It must be noted that very few start-ups and mid-size companies eventually end up going public.

Moreover, liquidating Log winding-up a company in India is a long-drawn out and unviable process, and is virtually never resorted to by AIFs. In this background, put and call options against or with respectively promoters assume importance, as a feasible exit option, apart from the sale by AIFs of their securities to other third party financial or strategic investors. Regulatory Framework The Indian regulatory framework around options is subject to the jurisdiction of multiple regulators, notably: The SEBI is responsible for regulation and growth of the securities markets in India and investor protection. Each regulator seems to approach options through their own unique perspectives.

This note looks at them one by one.

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