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Foreign and regional exchanges[ edit ] After the war and facing a booming world economy, foreign lending to uj such as Brazil, Peru and Chile was a growing market. Notably, the Foreign Market at the Exchange allowed for merchants and traders to participate, and the Royal Exchange hosted all transactions where foreign parties were involved.

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The constant increase in overseas business eventually meant that dealing in foreign securities had to be allowed within all of the Exchange's premises. Just as London enjoyed growth through international trade, the rest of Great Od also benefited from the economic boom. Two other cities, in particular, showed great business development: Liverpool and Manchester. Consequently, in both the Manchester and Liverpool stock exchanges were opened. These were times when stockbroking was considered a real business profession, and such attracted many entrepreneurs. Nevertheless, with booms came busts, and in the "Spanish panic" hit the markets, followed by a second one two years later.

The Exchange before the World Wars[ edit ] By Juneboth participating members and brokers were taking up so much space that the Exchange was now uncomfortably crowded, and continual expansion plans were taking place.

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Having already been extended west, east and northwards, it was then decided the Exchange needed an entire new establishment. Thomas Allason was appointed as the main architect, and in March the new brick building inspired from the Great Exhibition stood ready. This was a huge improvement in both surroundings and space, with twice the floor space available. By the late s, the telephone, ticker tape and the telegraph had been invented. Those new technologies led to a revolution in the work of the Exchange. Due to fears that borrowed money was to be called in and that foreign banks would demand their loans or raise interest, prices surged at first. The decision to close the Exchange for improved breathing space and to extend the August Bank Holiday to prohibit a run on banks, was hurried through by the committee and Parliament, respectively.

The Stock Exchange ended up being closed from the end of July until the New Year, causing street business to be introduced again as well as the "challenge system".

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The Exchange was set to open again on 4 January under tedious restrictions: Trqding to the limitations and challenges on trading brought by the war, almost members musiic the Exchange between and When peace returned in Novemberthe mood on the trading floor was generally cowed. Second World War[ edit ] In officials at the Exchange used their experiences from World War I to draw up plans for how to handle a new war. The main concerns included air raids and the subsequent bombing of the Exchange's perimeters, and one suggestion was a move to Denham, Buckinghamshire. This however never took place.

On the musid day of Septemberthe Exchange closed its doors "until further notice" and two days later World War II was declared. Unlike in the prior war, the Exchange opened its doors again six days later, on 7 September. As the war escalated into its second year, the concerns for air raids were greater than ever. Eventually, on the night of 29 December one of the greatest fires in London's history took place.

The Exchange's floor was hit by a clutch of incendiary bombswhich were extinguished quickly. Companiee on the floor was now drastically low and most was done over the phone to reduce the possibility of injuries. The Exchange was only closed fkrex one more day during wartime, in due to damage from a V-2 rocket. Nonetheless trading continued in the house's basement. After decades of uncertain if not turbulent times, stock market business boomed in the late s. This spurred officials to find new, more suitable accommodation.

The work on the new Stock Exchange Tower began jk The Exchange's new feet 96 metre high building had 26 storeys with council and administration at the top, and middle floors let out to affiliate companies. First, two trading prohibitions were abolished. A report from the Monopolies and Mergers Commission recommended the admittance of both women and foreign-born members on the floor. There were more governance changes inwhen the governing Council of the Exchange was replaced by a Board of Directors drawn from the Exchange's executive, customer and user base; and the trading name became "The London Stock Exchange".

This turned out to be one of the most useful indices of all, and tracked the movements of the leading companies listed on the Exchange. Main article: London Stock Exchange bombing On 20 July a bomb planted by the Provisional Irish Republican Army exploded in the men's toilets behind the visitors' gallery. The area had already been evacuated and nobody was injured. Police officials said that if there had been no warning, the human toll would have been very high. The phrase "Big Bang" was coined to describe measures, including abolition of fixed commission charges and of the distinction between stockjobbers and stockbrokers on the London Stock Exchange, as well as the change from an open outcry to electronic, screen-based trading.

Infores Exchange launched the Alternative Investment Marketthe AIM, to allow growing companies to expand into international markets. Inthe Exchange's shareholders voted to become a public limited company, London Stock Exchange plc. A We include UK based forex trading accounts from our panel. Here is more information about how our website works.

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