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Watanabes, that meant accessing the forex markets. Frequently Lewrn cash-rich households, the post-war generation found that cash deposits in bank accounts were earning little to no returns, and they sought more efficient and sophisticated ways of protecting their wealth. Often, while their husbands earned an income, it was the Mrs. Watanabes who generated the most wealth.

Carry Trades Mrs. Stereotypically conservative and risk-averse, the carry trade was seen as an investment strategy with almost guaranteed profits. So how does it work? A carry trade is one where currency is borrowed in a denomination with a low interest rate, and then immediately invested into another, with a proportionately higher interest rate. The effect of this is that the trader pays back a low fee for taking on a debt in the low interest currency, while obtaining higher interest payments in the currency they have invested in.

The difference between the two rates, minus transfer and conversion fees, becomes profit. Case Study: Famous Carry Trades Perhaps the most famous carry trade of the past 25 years was the Japanese — Icelandic carry trade of the early s. Japan JPY had a low interest rate that remained below 1 per cent for almost a decade.

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For the Mrs Watanabes, however, it was even simpler. With cash savings already denominated in low-yield Yen, they were able to invest in Iceland and other high interest currencies directly, with their own bank balances. The banks situated in each major or minor city involved in this cycle have normal business hours that form what eventually came to be known as a forex or currency trading session. Each of these forex sessions is typically given the same name as the money center city that has the business hours they correspond to.

If you are looking to discover the best time to trade forex pairs, then understanding when the various forex sessions operate and what currencies are most hapan during that time frame becomes quite important. Global Forex Market Hours Forex trading currently occurs actively from the official forex market open that occurs each week on Sunday afternoon at Although the forex market as a whole remains unregulated and without any official organization, these hours represent the effective and customary forex open times during which traders can execute foreign exchange transactions in currency pairs.

After the New York close, a modest amount of afterhours forex trading might subsequently occur in the Midwestern U. This sort of trading is largely for banking clients. Still, when the traders working at banks situated in those cities stop quoting and go home on Friday, the forex market effectively closes for the weekend.

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Normal FX Trading Hours of the Major and Minor Forex Trading Centers Each of the major trading centers has normal business hours that most banks and their professional traders keep each day, excluding weekends and bank holidays. In all cases, these hours overlap with the normal business hours of another major trading center. This overlap allows for the smooth and continuous progression of forex trading around the world. The chart in Figure 1 shows the FX market hours of each major forex dealing center color coded by economic bloc or country.

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Leran This chart includes hours for cities with well-developed financial fprex such as: Figure 1: This chart shows the normal forex trading times of all of the major and minor forex trading centers using the time in New York City in the United States as the base time. These trading centers include those in continental European cities like Frankfurt and Paris. A very important element to note about the above chart is that the business hours in one major financial center — such as London, New York and Tokyo — overlap with the business hours in another. These overlaps correspond to times of considerably greater liquidity and trading volume due to the higher number of market participants currently active.

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Click Here to Join The Three Major Currency Trading Sessions In the over the counter and online electronic forex market, the three major trading sessions for currencies generally correspond to the normal banking business hours worked in the major cities of London, New York and Tokyo. Each of these cities is the major money center in their respective countries of Great Britain, the United States and Japan. All of these major money centers have a large number of banks situated in them that actively make markets in a wide range of forex currency pairs.

In addition to dealing with their clients, these banks also trade among each other in the over the counter Interbank market via telephone, brokers and using electronic dealing systems. Banks situated in a particular forex trading center will typically see higher trading volumes in currency pairs that involve the local currency. The London Session: This very active trading session takes over from Tokyo and starts at This session typically sees a high trading volume in European currencies — like the Euro and Pound Sterling — and also in their major crosses.

The New York Session: This active forex trading session starts at New York traders take over fully from their London-based counterparts at New York does not overlap directly with Tokyo, so institutional bank traders in New York will typically pass books on to either West Coast counterparts or to those situated in New Zealand cities like Auckland or Wellington or to Sydney, Australia. Currencies traded versus the U. Dollar and the Canadian Dollar seem most active and liquid during this time frame. The Tokyo Session: This session starts at During the Tokyo and London overlap time, the forex market is again quite active and liquid.

Major currency pairs and those involving the Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar and New Zealand Dollar seem most active and liquid during this trading session. Forex Market Dorex of the T Trading Sessions and Futures Contracts In addition to the three major trading sessions corresponding to business hours in London, New York and Tokyo, several relatively minor forex trading sessions are worth noting. Some of these sessions offer transitional liquidity to the forex market as the opening of a major center is awaited, while others provide additional liquidity in less actively traded currencies.

In addition to the major New York session, two minor U.

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