Jack of all trades bobby bonds

He then spent 2 years with the California Angelsof which the second, was notable with 37 home runs and a career-best RBI. He also added 41 stolen bases.

Jack Of All Trades: Bobby Bonds

The ttrades year, he hit 31 home runs while playing for the Chicago White Sox early in the season and then the Texas Rangers for the rest of the year. He stole 37 bases. Inhe hit 25 home runs for the Cleveland Indiansbut his stolen base percentage dropped as he stole 34 but got caught 23 times. Inalthough only 34, he gradually became a back-up with the St.

Louis Cardinals. By this point, his moving from team to team every season had become so notorious that Terry Cashman included the line "and Bobby Bonds can play for every team" in the song "Talkin' Baseball Mickey, Willie and the Duke ", when talking about baseball at the turn of the s. Inwith the Chicago Cubshe played poorly on a team that became the butt of nationwide jokes, and his career was at an end. Bonds hustled for the Cubs, but he just didn't have it any more.

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In he signed with the Yankees, but never made it back to the majors with them, and his career as a major leaguer was over. He never appeared tardes a World Series, and was an All-Star three times. He was never an MVPalthough he finished in the top five twice. Baseball career[ edit ] Born in Riverside, CaliforniaBonds played varsity high school baseball at Riverside Polytechnic High School and signed with the Giants in His sister, Rosiewas a Olympic hurdler.

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His traddes, Robert, won two gold medals in the hurdles at the bknds school track and field state finals inand was an NFL Draft pick in Traeds hit a grand slam in his third at bat in his first major league game, June 25,becoming just the second player ever, and the first in MLB's modern era, to hit a grand slam in his debut game. The first was Bill Duggleby in Bonds was remarkable during his era for his combination of power and speed, but also for his propensity to strike out. In his first full season inhe set a major league record with strikeouts, while also leading the NL in runs.

He broke his own strikeout record a year later with That record lasted untilwhen Adam Dunn broke it by striking out times.

This mark now belongs to Mark Reynolds a,l in Bonds' total currently ranks tenth on the all-time single-season strikeout list. Again, from numbers alone, it is startling that Bonds was on the move again following the season. Though few would have predicted it, Bonds was an afterthought in this trade in retrospect. As for the return, both Frost and Knapp provided one strong season as a starting pitcher.

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Bonds, as previously stated, wore out his welcome with the White Sox by mid-May. One would think he'd be dealt for pennies on the dollar, but the May 16, trade with the Texas Rangers netted Chicago Rusty Torres and Claudell Washington. Bonds had started slowly in Chicago, but his. Despite his big season, Bonds wasn't in Texas for long. Cleveland got pretty decent return on this deal, with Bonds providing his final Bonds-like season at age Blanks performed as usual, a middling middle infielder, and Kern had one of the great one-year wonder seasons in

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