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This can give you an idea of which stocks are on the up and which ones are on their way down. The platform lets you search by date, stock code, or all security codes for the current day. It lets you see all stock recommendations such as sell, underperforming, hold, buy, or strong buy.

Silver The Silver package is a more affordable way to get into online share trading. There's no ongoing monthly cost to get this service. The downside is that the ASX quotes, market depth and watch screens that you see are delayed by 20 minutes. The charting on your screen is also static. This package is ideal if you simply want to place a trade for investment.

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Gold The Gold package offers a more up-to-date experience compared to the Silver package. It comes with live ASX quotes, market peoducts, watch screens and charting. It could be a good prducts for frequent traders who want to see the performance of the market and their portfolio live. If you take advantage of this package, you also get access to complimentary Gold access. All ASX quotes, market depth, news and announcements and watch screens is live and dynamic. HSBC has one of the lowest market brokerage charges in the market.

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When I place an order to buy or productx shares, is the tradding I'm quoted guaranteed? When you place an order to buy or sell UK shares, in most cases you'll see a fixed price quote on the order preview screen. A fixed price quote is only available for UK share orders when the market is open. It may not be available for all orders, particularly large orders. The fixed price quote system automatically compares share prices from a number of market makers to ensure that the fixed price quote offered to you is the best price available from any of these market makers for the size of your order at the time you're buying or selling your shares.

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The price will be shown with the label 'fixed price quote' along trzding a countdown giving you 15 seconds to confirm Hsbf order. Fixed price quotes are not guaranteed. This is because the prices are sourced from third party market makers who may withdraw the price - for example, if there has been market volatility in the second countdown. We'll help you automate your work processes and cut costs. You can also arrange bill settlement instructions and check your trade account status online.


We have committed significant investment in developing a best-of-breed FX Prime Services offering based on superior service and sophisticated technology, leveraging the Bank's peoducts presence, strong balance sheet and diverse franchise to meet your needs. We are committed to understand your business and tailor flexible solutions that work for you as your business continues to evolve. Whether you are a hedge fund manager, asset manager, CTA, retail aggregator or financial institution, Prroducts Prime Services offers you access to market liquidity in cash and options products, optimal capital management and operational efficiencies: Use our extensive credit lines to access liquidity in the global foreign exchange market Manage your unencumbered capital through customised funding, cash management and custodial options Monitor your trade, limit, margin and collateral status in real time through our leading client interface and comprehensive reporting suite Our team of experienced foreign exchange prime brokerage professionals in London, New York and Hong Kong are dedicated to providing you with the support that suits your needs In partnership with HSBC Securities Services, our custody and fund administration business; HSBCnet, our suite of online, flexible financial solutions; and the broader Prime Services team, we offer you a host of creative solutions Trade give-up process Client executes trade with executing bank.

Client and executing bank separately notify HSBC of their trade.

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