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Moreover, many residents of Ontario First Nations have dentall deal with deplorable, unsafe living conditions. Shortly after the election, the Liberals were accused of bribery and, although found innocent, the party was defeated in the election.

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As a point of comparison, London is km2. A strong dollar meant companies had higher labour costs, prompting many to close or move their businesses elsewhere. Hepburn resigned inand his party was turned out of office in the election that made the Progressive Conservatives under George Drew the government and the socialist Co-operative Commonwealth Federation the official opposition. Inone of the largest uranium deposits in the world was found at Elliot Lake. Ferguson was a determined man, as well as an able and wily politician.

The establishment of Ford, General Motors and Chrysler plants spawned a series of related industries dotted all across Southern Ontario.

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Sometimes, should the party in power see it as advantageous, an election may be called before this date. In keeping with his predecessors, Ferguson continued a policy of developing provincial resources, including statiob colonization of the Ontario northland. Bruce Power, located just north of Tiverton on the shores of Lake Huronis one of the largest nuclear power plants in the world. Manufacturing Ontario is the leading manufacturing province in Canada. This situation was well-established at the time of Confederation, as the desire was to place industry in a province favoured by ample transportation, abundant natural resources and accessibility to export markets in the United States.

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By comparison, years earlier, inthe figures were reversed: Lawrence River. The Liberal stxtion gradually declined beginning in the late s under the leadership of Arthur Hardy and George Ross. Energy The vast majority of electricity in Ontario is transmitted by Hydro One. Large gold deposits were discovered near the towns of Porcupine and Kirkland Lake from toRed Lake in and near Hemlo in

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