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What you could do, instead, is ask your family members back home to fill up the necessary forms for reload of your card.

But in case your family is abroad and there's no one back home to do it for you things could get a bit difficult. In such situations you would need to intimate the bank in advance about the same and leave the necessary documentation with your trusted representatives. In the age of e-banking, sadly, reloading the card cannot be done online either. This is because FEMA rules state that you would need to submit the necessary documents to the bank before you can get the card reloaded. And if you find yourself left with a balance in your card after your return back to India, it's easy to encash.

Fill up the refund form with the bank and the funds would be credited to you account. So what are the factors you need to consider in case you plan to go for one?

Says an SBI bank official, "Find out the network outlets where it can be used, the issuing cost, the time taken to issue, the charges on ATM cash withdrawal, dredila enquiry, reload charges, other froex such as whether an additional dorex is being offered, the cost of the same and the additional benefits that come crwdila before you narrow down on one. Sachin Khandelwal, head credit cardsICICI Bank, tells Moneycontrol, "Travellers cheques cannot be encashed after merchant hours and not all outlets accept travellers cheques. Comparatively, prepaid travel cards are safe and convenient.

Hotels usually take a pre-authorisation as a security amount when you check. In case you plan to move out before the stipulated four or five days your money could get blocked. Warns an official of State Bank of India, "Since it is a good amount of money that could get blocked releasing them can take time for instance at least 15 to 20 days. Hence it makes better sense not to use these cards for such purposes. All you need to do is walk into one of the nearest banks, fill in the application formsubmit form A2 or any other forex documentation as mandated under FEMA with a photocopy of your passport and submit the required funds.

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Once the funds Hdvc cleared the bank will fores the card activated for use. But if you run out of balance while you are still abroad, reloading is a difficult task. Is that possible? That's possible. There's be a nominal fee for the transfer. You must make sure the university is okay with that though: I am sending to my cousin RIT through flywire. Helping his patents to transfer money. Shrish there are no wire transfer charges?

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With forex you can use it as a regular card there without extra charges? Nominal charges. No seperate charges. It comes in lumpsum in rs.

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But the money goes to University account directly. Forex Cards can be used as regular Debit cards in the US. Yes any vendor and any payment online also. My cousin is using HDFC forex card. Alright then. Ab batwa nahi marna. Forex main ghusake Papa ka paisa udaunga. Thanks guys for the info. Or your parents can even Wire transfer the amount to your American Bank account. There's no best option, you will have to decide what works best in terms of rates and convenience for your parents. In my opinion, reloading money on your Forex Card should be the cheapest.

Here is the link for comparison of charges for different cards: Based on the above, one can decide which card is better for their use. What about axis Bank Forex? Jigneesh Bhai any idea if they ask for pin or not while swiping forex?

If lost then what do we do? Had been away. To answer your doubt, it Hdfx depends upon the type of merchant. Most merchants don't need PIN. From Yocket, we've made sure you get a secondary card along with your kit, so that if you lose one - you can get your money transferred to the replacement card with just a phone call.

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You can make the payment online by NetBanking to fogex the card from Yocket. Your parents can also do the same for subsequent recharges. If you look at the costs,Forex Cards are the most preferred and encouraged mode of carrying Forex. Go for it!

What is the process of reloading the forex Hsfc Can I reload the card from any account of any bank through netbanking? Harshitzeus - On Yocket, you can reload the card by paying with your Netbanking - most banks are available on the payment gateway, some have an additional charge:

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