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For instance, if the inndia trader resides in India and wants to trade Rupee with Dollar, therefore the base currency here would be, Indian National Rupee INRwhereas the quote currency would be Dollar.

Since base currency is usually the domestic currency of the country where the forex trader resides. Onlinw, the other currency is the quote currency, which is usually the currency of another country. In order to trade currency in India, you need to first know the rules, regulations, and law that governs it. Next, let's understand the legal status of forex.

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India has established its trading partially legal, while partially illegal. The RBI had issued tradign circular in prohibiting overseas forex trading through electronic or internet trading portals. However, there is a subjective situation where the answer to "Is trading in forex legal in India? You may ask where? Well, forex trading is legal only when one does it through forex trading platform, the base currency is INR.

As a forex trader who is found to indulge in electronic or online overseas auma trading would be held tradingg of violating the foreign exchange laws in India. However, an important thing to note here is, that there is no prohibition for NRIs to do foreign exchange trading in India. Oil prices steady as Saudi cuts next months supplies, gold higher Oil prices steadied overnight on news of lower crude supplies from Saudi Arabia offset higher production from other large exporters. However, despite their pledge, global oil production remains relatively high.

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Crude bulls cite onlinf stabilizing U. S, Libya and Nigeria. OPEC output hit a high in July and its exports were at record levels. S inflation numbers for hints on the pace of monetary tightening by the Fed.

Ramaphosa visit set to re-energise South African-India ties

The two-year yield was flat at The year yield was flat at Elsewhere, the yield on U. S CPI data for more guidance ihdia rates. Onlins just never know how things might pan out, so it is best to be prepared. Following the almost-coupMugabe has been in a stronger position than many African dictators before him because the African Union has in recent years become a lover of democracy and a hater of coups. It therefore now demands that changes of leadership must have at least a veneer of constitutionality.

Fighting for survival

zua Hence its insistence onlnie, despite its take-over of the airwaves, State House and parliament, alongside its house-arrest of the president and his family, its actions are not a coup. In turn, this has provided Mugabe with a considerable degree of wriggle room, which he has sought to exploit to the full. Indeed, it has remained his key bargaining chip, not least because the African Union does not want to be seen as party to the overthrow of a hero of African liberation. He stands in no fear of a military coup or even a Zimbabwe-style non-coup.

It is a fair bet that, whoever wins, an excuse will be made for a delegation onlin the party leadership to visit the president and to ask him to stand down. Fighting for survival Like Mugabe, Zuma will be battling for a dignified exit. Even more urgently, he will be fighting for survival.

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