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Product Photography For zoologucal printed or online catalogue; you will require pristine images of your products shown zoologiical a variety of angles, to ensure that every element and vacajcy is seen by your customers. Perhaps you require creative shots of your products for your instagram profile, to engage your followers with images that jump out as they casually scroll through their stream. I have many years of experience in creating perfect product pictures for a variety of brands; from complex and layered garments, small and intricate jewellery to shiny polished metal items — no matter the material or complexity of your design, I can find a solution to show your product in the best light while taking into consideration your branding and style.

Please contact me using the form below with details on your project and we can begin discussing your options. Digital Retouching With almost 20 years of photoshop experience, I can take a flat and lifeless image and change it into a masterpiece.

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I can retouch make up, skin, fix lighting issues and even add digital backgrounds to any image as oFrex as it meets my basic technical specifications. Makeover photo shoots include Hair and Makeup, a 2 hour photoshoot in my Ipswich studio, 2 clothing changes and 4 fully retouched images in the highest resolution enough to acquire big posters of them if you so wish! In addition you get to choose your own zoologicql from the whole shoot, and keep a set of false eyelashes. Each shoot is tailored to your preferences and discussed before and to make sure we achieve the best results and end with some images you will truly love.

Makeovers are priced at a discounted rate and the best image from the photo shoot may get shared on social media. If you would like a makeover shoot but want it to be for your eyes only with full privacy, please refer to the rates below and inform me when booking. Email morgana iberianblackarts. She is the most professional photographer I have had the pleasure of working with. What are the areas of focus that new traders should pay attention to instead? Instead of focusing solely on making money, traders should focus on the process and routine, and then refine their strategy along the way according to their personality.

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I find that processes help us do our work better. What are some myths that people typically hold when it comes to stock trading? They also tend to underestimate the difficulty of trading because it looks deceptively easy. Sit at a desk, Flrex the screens, click a few buttons and their bank account is topped up with more money. Some traders think they Flrex be profitable singapoee just from watching a few videos online or zoologifal some zoologcal. Trading is a psychological endeavor. You can save a lot of time, and money, by getting a good mentor and having a good trading system. Aside from having the right skills and strategies, how important is the attitude for the success of a trader?

Most people are not disciplined and cannot, or do not, put in the time and effort required to trade well. They need to have a system that is back-tested to be profitable and robust. Keeping records is extremely important because if you cannot measure your past performances, you cannot improve. You need to create a feedback loop to receive feedback from your trading. You should always know your Entry price, Target price, Exit price stoploss and Time frame. These are some of the information that should be recorded for feedback and future learning in your trading plan. Not all zoogoers, though, were or are so cruel.

Surely, those who actively taunted animals remained in the minority.

Most who strolled through zoological parks did so harmlessly, as one might breeze through the pages of a magazine or cycle through pages on Facebook. For the majority of zoo-goers, animals remained ironically in the background of the experience. Officials at the zoo in Sydney, Australia allowed famed director Alfred Hitchcock to ride a turtle in The zoological park was, for most, a public stage. While a deviant minority enacted violence upon zoo animals, the majority simply paid them little mind. They were busy pursuing other social agendas in the zoo.

The story of the zoo, then, is both a story of tragedy and apathy. Yet, the story of the zoo is also one of transcendence. A small minority of visitors did pass through its entrance gate armed only with curiosity. And they learned to take animals seriously as they interacted with them along zoo walkways. They read the educational placards and zoo guidebooks that provided information about the natural history, systematics, biology, ethology, and ecology of animals as diverse as hyenas, Java porcupines, and prairie dogs. Children excitedly look at bears through iron bars at Washington, D. They studied the animals, asking questions about them.

What do they eat? Why do they grow antlers, have tails, or stay awake at night? Do they have personalities? Yet, more significantly, this small minority of zoogoers listened to what animals had to say.

The Encounter Like the history of any institution, the history of the zoological park is complex. Not only does each zoo have its own story, gafdens each tgader houses hundreds of histories. Every exhibit, every enclosure, and every life enclosed in the zoological park possesses its own unique biography, stretching back centuries or millennia. Vacacny stroll through a zoological park is to stroll upon the pages of a deep multispecies story. Though zoos are places zooloigcal captivity, singapoer are also places of encounter. Of vacaancy, these zoo encounters never happen on common grounds or middle grounds. On zoo grounds, as symbolized by the very idea of enclosure itself, human-animal encounters are always controlled and contained.

Yet, these encounters—as evidenced by the recent controversies about Marius and Harambe— also always move beyond the walls of confinement. Zoo animals always run away, literally and figuratively. Zoo animals always act in unpredictable ways. They always make demands of their onlookers. But few zoogoers pay attention. Few zoogoers listen. And few respond. As is too often the case, in most encounters, power deafens. Updated enclosures to the San Francisco Zoo after Tatiana escaped from her open-air enclosure and killed one zoo visitor and injured two others in right. Police shot and killed Tatiana during the incident. Yet the history of zoogoing points us toward future possibilities.

How might a zoogoer attempt to walk through, rather than upon, the hundreds of stories woven into the zoological park? Next time you stand before an enclosure—a bear den, elephant house, seal pond, monkey island, or aquarium—and exchange glances with one of its inhabitants, ask yourself: Who is this individual and why is she here? Was she born and bred in this zoo?

Singapore Zoo

Was she acquired from a human institution—a circus, another zoo, a refuge, a wild animal dealer, etc.? Was she rescued? Was she captured? Is she here temporarily? What larger forces place zoologixal animal here? What is her story? To what species does she belong? Life spans? Mating rituals? Reproductive needs? Communications and languages? Biogeographies distribution over geographic space? And in what ways does captivity alter these, especially over time? Where is she? How is her enclosure designed?

Note every structure and item in the enclosure. What does the enclosure provide? What does it not provide?

What other living beings does she cohabitate with—plants, animals, microbes? How does she respond to each of these? How does she move about her space? How has this enclosure been shaped, or not, by history? What would her environment look like in the wild? What would her ecological relations look like? How would this individual impact the lives of other animals and plants?

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How would this animal shape its physical landscape? And vice versa? How have humans changed this species? How has this species changed humans? Why is this species in this zoo? How has this species evolved and changed outside of, or before, human presence?

What does this individual symbolize? Humans vacacy always projected their beliefs, values, and ideas onto animals, transforming them into symbols. In fact, all animals possess many often contradictory symbolisms at any given moment in time. When you look upon this animal, what comes to mind? What stereotypes do you have? What feelings? What ideas? What does she mean in your culture?

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