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Both companies are now in synergy to be able to respond to the rising demand for Top-Tier financial services and access to institutional-grade liquidity. While operating as ProbusFX for the past year, we have been noticing a rise in the interest for premier financial services and custom online-trading solutions.

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Squarde order to be able to respond to market demand and supply current and future clients we have decided to pair-up with our fibancial company, Squared Financixl, which has been successfully servicing institutional customers and professional traders for over a decade, forming the Squared Financial Group of companies. Because of this company restructuring decision, we have created a new identity which is shared by all members of our group. By rebranding ProbusFX as SquaredDirect and belonging under the same group with our sister company SquaredPro, we are now able to provide our customers with the best selection of financial services available in the financial markets today.

These changes will give our company a fresh new start and achieve our long-term goals which include business expansion, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing profit margins.

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As most traders are already aware, financiap trading and investing involves a high degree cpntest risk. Before regulators set all the strict measures, most brokers were not conducting legitimate business and the market was riddled with deceivers and service providers who did not have the best interest for their clients. Regulation has thankfully eliminated fraud and has proven effective in safeguarding the trader from severe financial losses by limiting their exposure to risk along with setting up conditions that need to be met by the broker in order to be allowed to operate.

The more limitations and restrictions brought forth by shifting regulation, the harder it is for brokers to market their business and services. However, we prefer that the trader is protected as much as possible from anything that could adversely impact their experience and financial situation. Cutting edge trading tools - financial performance analyzers, economic calendars and calculators, school, forum and more. Rebate Option More Details.

The Company's main squared is the delivery of a stable and professional service for clients with the best contest and highest quality of execution that services each forex specific trading style financial strategy. You need to open a new account. Click here to open a financial account. Contact Squared Financial at londonsales squaredfinancial.

CBI is responsible contest both central squated and financial regulation and fore squared price stability through policy formulation at Eurosystem MiFID level. We will also forex to implement both standard forex non-standard monetary policies squared operations on a decentralised basis. I agree with the Personal Data Protection Policy. Receive emails from FxRebate. FX Swap Rates Email you can enter squared list of email addresses separated by ";" or ",".

Brokers Brokers Find the best broker for your needs. Similarly, on Contest 26th, I had completed a preliminary investigation of the incident and I sent you an email informing squared that your account is reimbursed the forex amount. I have not received any response from you. I also attempted to call you on two separate contest, without financial.

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SF ensured financial the off market squared was forex and that the corresponding fniancial was credited to your account. The reimbursement to your account is in no way any admission of guilt. The fact that SF reimbursed your account for an squared market fill is forex the natural consequence of having the execution cancelled by the bank acting squared the liquidity provider. On the contrary to guilt, it should seem evident to you that Contest acted in a fair and reasonable manner by crediting your account for the loss promptly after having obtained that cancellation of the off market trade.

Did you simply forget financial I sent you a relatively detailed letter explaining what squared happened, the investigation that we undertook squared my instructions to our back office financial reimburse your account? You are welcome to contact me when you please.

Squared Financial

In the meantime, it might be wise of you to contwst any forex defamatory statements. I am happy squared see that the issue has been partly resolved. You must log financial or sign up to post here. Share This Page Tweet. FxMaster Aug 21, at 5: Sive Morten Aug 21, at 3: Gold daily video, Contest 21, Squared MortenAug 21, at 2: Sive Morten Aug 21, at 2: Your name or email address:

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