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Collate al assess e t is pe fo ed by an independent appraiser, except in certain remote areas where an independent appraiser Forex bca 32 not available, in which case collateral appraisal is conducted by internal appraisal staff who are not involved in processing the credit. To exert control over the physical collateral pledged by a debtor to BCA, collateral site visits are performed regularly by an external party. In locations where no external assessor is available, an internal account officer will conduct the visit. Credit mitigation techniques focus on strong collateral coverage.

In addition, to mitigate credit risk, BCA s loa po tfolio is ell di e sified i te s of edit atego a d i dust ial and economic sectors. This includes ensuring the integration of exchange rate and interest rate risk management with Forex bca 32 risks that may impact the Ba k s isk positio. The Boa d of Di e to s delegates its autho it a d espo si ilit to the parties listed in Exhibit 4. Cal ulatio fo BCA s apital e ui e e ts fo a ket isk is do e using the standardized method as stipulated by Bank Indonesia. The valuation method is based on closeout prices or market price quotations from independent sources, among others: Scope of trading and banking portfolios accounted for by Capital Adequacy Ratio Following is the portfolio coverage included in the CAR calculations: Equity risk can arise from equity trading transactions, which are performed by subsidiaries.

Anticipation of market risk on foreign currency transactions In order to anticipate market risk in transactions associated with exchange rate and interest rate risks, policies are established through control measures of market risk limits such as Value at Risk, Nominal, Stress Loss and Stop Loss Limit, as well as stress tests. For new products, the Bank will conduct assessments to identify and to mitigate market risk. The Board of Commissioners and the Board of Directors ensure adequate risk management policies according to the characteristics, complexity and risk profile of the Bank as well as a good understanding of the type and level of risk inherent in the business activities of the Bank.

The Risk Management Committee ensures that the risk management framework provides adequate protection against risks faced by the Bank. The Risk Management Unit SKMR ensures that the risks faced by the Bank are identified, measured, monitored, controlled and reported correctly through the application of an appropriate risk management framework; provides input to the Board of Directors on the development of policies, strategies and the risk management framework. The Enterprise Security Work Unit protects and secures information and the physical assets of the Ba k; de elops the Ba k s a ilit to deal ith emergency situations that threaten the business as an ongoing concern; ensures that the application of i fo atio te h olog go e a e is i li e ith the Ba k s poli.

The Internal Audit Division assures that business risks are managed properly and evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of risk management and internal control. The Work Units business units and support units are risk owners responsible for risk management in daily operations; issues reports and operational risk events to SKMR Measurement and identification of operational risks Implemented inBCA applies a Risk Self-Assessment RSA methodology to identify and quantify operational risk across all work units in the Bank.

A main function of RSA is to socialize a risk culture and increase risk awareness; a main requirement in risk management. Developing a stronger risk culture is expected to improve the risk control culture amongst all employees in performing their daily activities and subsequently reduce bva risk. The RSA methodology is further refined into a Risk and Control Self-Assessment RCSA model which has been implemented in all branches and head office units that have been assessed with significant operational risks.

In the RCSA methodology, branches and the head office conduct a process of identification and measurement of operational risks inherent to their respective work units and, based on this process, the work unit determines the risk mitigation measures required to monitor, control, and minimize the risk. These are then reviewed and approved by the Risk Management Unit.


KRI is a method used to provide bxa early warning signal should the possibility of increased operational risk within a work unit arise. Every regional office and branch has implemented KRI. LED is designed to assist in recording and analyzing cases or events that could lead to a loss so that corrective action can be taken and similar cases can be prevented from occurring in the future. The ultimate purpose of the LED is to minimize the risk of operational losses. The LED is also a means of operational loss risk data collection used by the Bank to determine the allocation of capital charges and for continuous monitoring of events that could lead to further operational losses.

LED is currently implemented in nca regional offices, branches and the head office. Operational Risk Mitigation To mitigate operational risk, the Bank utilizes Fofex following: The Board of Directors delegates liquidity risk authority and responsibility to the parties listed in Exhibit 5. Measurement and control of liquidity risk and early warning indicators for liquidity problems Liquidity risk measurement is undertaken based on models Forexx integrate with cash flow projections, Fored profile reports and stress tests scenarios. Liquidity risk management covers funding strategies, including sourcing diversification and funding period strategies, to support the overall Foerx plan.

Daily liquidity management, high quality liquid assets and limits relating to liquidity Fofex, as well as contingency funding plans are monitored and reported to mitigate liquidity Firex. Liquidity risk monitoring is conducted to ensure that in the event of increased potential liquidity risk, the situation can be readily mitigated or necessary adjustments can be made to liquidity risk management mechanisms in a timely manner. Below are the activities involved in the process of monitoring liquidity risk: Organization FForex legal risk management In order to minimize legal risk, the Bank has established a Legal Group at head office and legal units in regional offices to support the Bank Fofex carrying out banking activities and mitigating legal risk.

The Legal Group also has the duty and responsibility to support and safeguard the legal interests of the Bank in carrying out banking Forex bca 32 with respect to the prevailing laws and regulations. Legal risk control BCA mitigates legal risk through: Organization of strategic risk management In an effort to control the potential occurrence of strategic risks, the Board of Directors has developed strategic plans and business initiatives. Policies to identify and respond to bcw in the business environment In order to identify and respond to changes in the business, external environment and Forex bca 32 condition, BCA is guided by the following: BCA s st ateg is fo ulated taki g i to a ou t ele a t Ba k I do esia egulatio s, pote tial i pa ts o the Ba k s apital ith o side atio to p oje tio s of apital a d the Capital Adequacy Ratio CAR based on risk appetite, risk tolerance, and attention to the Ba k s apa ilities.

Measurement of the Bank business plan progress To measure progress in achieving the business plan, the Bank conducts the following activities, among others: Organization of reputation risk management BCA has a strong commitment to managing reputation risk. Tasked with the management of customer complaints, the Bank has established the Halo BCA Contact Center and Customer Care that specifically deals with customer complaints by phone, mail, email, and social media. Policies and mechanisms of reputation risk control In order to manage reputation risk, the Bank: These reports help the Bank to better handle complaints and improve the rate and speed of complaint resolution.

Reputation risk management at times of crisis In managing reputation risk in times of crisis, the Bank has done the following: Implemented Crisis Management, which includes: Developed a business continuity plan and a disaster recovery plan, designed to speed up the recovery process in the event of a disaster. Installed backup systems to prevent high risk business failure. Organization of compliance risk management In order to minimize compliance risks, all organizational lines need to be responsible for the management of compliance risk in all activities of the Bank.

The Board of Commissioners is responsible for approving risk management policies and providing advice. With the assistance of the Audit Committee and Risk Oversight Committee, the Board of Commissioners supervises the implementation of compliance risk management. The Compliance Director, assisted by the Compliance Unit, is responsible for ensuring compliance and minimized compliance risk by formulating compliance risk management policies and procedures in the monitoring and the implementation of the compliance function. The Compliance Unit is independent from other working units.

The results of the Complia e Di e to s a ti ities a e epo ted to the P eside t Di e toa d ought to the attention of the Board of Commissioners. The business units at head office and branches are the front- line in ensuring all business activities are carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations. Risk management strategies associated with compliance risk BCA has a strong commitment to comply with prevailing laws and regulations and actively take steps to o e t a eak esses i o plia e poli. This is i li e ith BCA s compliance risk management strategy, which contains policies to always comply with the applicable regulations, foremost through proactive prevention ex-ante to minimize any occurrence of violations, and through curative action ex-post to take corrective actions on any violations.

Compliance monitoring and risk control In order to control and minimize compliance risk, the Bank has taken the following steps, among others: In order to improve the effectiveness of internal control, coordination is maintained between the Risk Management Unit, Internal Audit Division and the Compliance Unit through regular meetings and intensive communication. Problems associated with internal compliance control, particularly in addressing potential compliance risks, are comprehensively assessed, allowing formulation of effective measures.

The risks of the composite of eight 8 types of risk are assessed as follows: Start with communication and consultation, establishing the context, risk assessment risk identification, risk analysis, risk evaluationrisk treatment, and monitoring and review. Establishing the Context As already said in the company profile, BCA vision and mission is the initial steps of risk management process is to determine the goals of the company. Then forBCA purpose is for Quality growth through enhanced relationship by doing three points as follow.

Growth - Expand transaction banking presence - Promote a well-balanced and diversified loan portfolio - Strengthen new businesses - Flrex customer relationships 13 BCA Annual Report Risk Identification Bcq identification is the crucial first step. Without Foerx risks effectively we will not get beyond the starting point. Consequently when unexpected events occur in the future it is likely that contingency plans will not be in place and management can only react to events as they unfold. Thus for year BCA required to provide minimum capital Rp 56, in millionand in BCA required to provide minimum capital Rp 67, in million.

Risk Management in Emerging Markets: How to Survive and Prosper. Great Britain: Pearson Education Limited, The average banking sector is BCA should maintain the effective way to financing its operation and management to increase these ratio.

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The highe the fi s etu o total assets the ette. We've detailed the updates below, and you can see the new Float 32 below on the left, follow by the version we tested. Here's a summary of the updates to the Float It stores inside the airbag compartment, which frees up space inside the main storage compartment. Take note that the 2. Snowboard Carry — New straps have been added to allow users to carry snowboards vertically. Ice Axe Storage — The ice axe storage has moved inside to the front tool compartment. Colors — This pack now comes in either black pictured above or orange, and is no longer available in the blue and yellow that we tested.

Since we haven't tested the new version yet, the following review refers to our hands-on testing of the original version of the Float Hands-On Review The Backcountry Access Float 32 offers a top-tier pack design and respectable weight for a great price. The Float's 32 liters of volume doesn't include the space that the airbag system takes up. Airbag System This pack uses a single L airbag that deploys from the top and inflates above your head through a breakaway zippered pocket. This size and shape is the most common and is very similar to the airbags used in the Mammut RAS series. The BCA Float 32 doesn't have any special trauma-reducing shape, double bag system, or the ability to continuously inflate for several minutes after a slide, but the Float's basic but extremely functional design does well what it's designed to do: In a recent study by the University of British Columbia, there are exceptionally few cases of the bag itself failing due to a puncture or fan malfunction.

The system is removable and therefore interchangeable; at this point in time, you have to contact BCA directly for the option of buying a Float pack without the airbag in it. The BCA 32 airbag system uses compressed air that is fairly inexpensive and easy to refill.

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While not quite as easy to travel with or refill as Black Diamond's battery-powered JetForce models, we almost never found it to be a hassle, especially compared to 322 models. Trigger Mechanism The pull trigger is now modular on the newest Float 32 and can bcx worn Flrex either the right or left shoulder strap. You can customize it so that if you're touring, bcca can grab the pull trigger Fordx your dominate hand, or if you are a snowmobiler, you probably want to wear the trigger on your Forxe side Fkrex you can keep your right hand on the throttle. BCA uses a very simple mechanical system that is very reliable Froex needs to be checked regularly to make sure the inner threads don't vibrate loose.

You should inspect all airbag packs between backcountry outings and at least Forrx checking the trigger on the Float series of packs which only takes about one minute. Backcountry Access Float 32 Back A separate note for earlier versions of the older Float series of packs is that all triggers were recalled including BCA avalanche airbag models Float 8, 22, 30, 32 and Throttle. Owners of these packs can contact BCA for a free replacement trigger assembly by sending an e-mail to warranty backcountryaccess. The new Float 32 enables the user to wear their trigger in either shoulder strap, compared with the older version which featured a fixed left shoulder strap trigger.

The shoulder strap not containing the trigger functions as insulated sleeve for a hydration tube. For domestic flights within the United States, TSA and the FAA allow you to fly with an empty compressed air canister as long as it's in your checked baggage. At this point, it is okay to fly internationally with a full canister which we have done several times. However, make sure to check in, which will allow you to have up to date information, as we have seen and heard of folks getting hassled for how large the battery and fan packs are.

It's a good tip is to keep the box that your canister came in. When you fly, put it back in this box. This clearly defines what your canister is and helps make sure TSA doesn't take it away from you. We recommend going one extra step and putting a note on it saying it's empty and for an avalanche airbag pack. Our review team felt the BCA Float 32 struck a good balance of comfort and support. If you are between 5'8" - 6'4" you'll likely find this pack pretty comfortable. My Float 32 had a small tear in the fabric of the outer compartment. The bag was replaced without question with a new 2.

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Thank you BCA! Rated 5 out of 5 Josh Bibby — July 28, Forexx lightweight pack. I use this every day I am out on in the backcountry. I have only had to test pull the bag… In which case it has working flawlessly every time. I have had FForex borrow this bang before and both Fotex them who Forez able to try went out and grabbed one for themselves afterwards. In my opinion it is the best air bag on the market. This pack has room for everything I need for a day in the mountains and still has room to put the fleece under my jacket inside if I start to overheat. The organization of the pack is great. You have a separate pocket for avy gear and plenty of room in the second larger pocket for extra layers, water, and snacks.

Finally the outside helmet provides a snug mesh pocket for your helmet without sacrificing space in the back or it loosely dangling from a side. In addition to the near perfect organization, the sizing of the pack is also a plus.

There is a height adjustable waist belt and the shoulder straps cinch to fit a range of sizes. The ski carry is a simple diagonal design, and when not in use the straps pack into their own little pockets that prevent potential to snag on trees Fofex provide a sleek, clean look. Bcs would recommend this product to anyone looking for a larger, yet fairly light weight pack as an additional tool to add to your avalanche safety kit. Rated 5 out of 5 Owen Leeper — October 17, Been using BCA backs since the beginning, now the airbag system is streamlined and weighs even less so you hardly notice it on your back.

The pack has great storage for crampons, axe, skins, layers, food and water for a good day in the backcountry. The compressed air cylinder is great for traveling, you can easily refill it at scuba or paintball shops. Much cheaper to fly with than other systems. Picked up a float22 for sidecountry as well and just swap canisters back and forth. I have had for one season now and use it for everything.

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