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Such an effort can start by using household income and productivity indicators to evaluate officials and departments rather than rewarding them largely for the GDP growth their cities or regions achieve.

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Digitizing government operations and service delivery is an important part of the mix. Government also needs to develop better conflict-resolution capabilities to mediate between different stakeholders so that restructuring and reforms can proceed. Last week the Economist — Our bulldozers, our rules discussed the potential of the initiative: It does not pay to plan and build separately. At home, its businesses are being squeezed by rising costs and growing demands that they pay more attention to protecting the environment. It makes sense for them to shift some manufacturing overseas—as long as the infrastructure is there.

Lastly, Xi Jinping needs it. He has made OBOR such a central part of his foreign policy and has gone to such lengths to swing the bureaucracy behind the project that it is too late to step back now. But the building blocks are in place. The first projects are up and running. OBOR is already beginning to challenge the notion of Europe and Asia existing side by side as different trading blocs. Despite these policy initiatives, the Chinese economy has been slowing for the past six years.

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Most of the problems are associated with the oversupply sfrica in the real-estate market and the economic drag from the debt associated with this over-supply. Their solution, as McKinsey suggested above, is infrastructure development: China faces two separate challenges: Among the long-term factors undermining potential growth are diminishing returns to scale, a widening income gap, and a narrowing scope for technological catch-up through imitation. Finally, and most important, the country is suffering from inadequate progress on market-orientated reform.

While some of these factors are irreversible, others can be addressed effectively.

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Why are so many economists convinced that a long-term reform strategy is all China needs? According to this view, China should implement policies like tax cuts to encourage companies to produce products for which there is genuine demand. A large share has emerged because of a lack of effective demand. As overcapacity drives down the producer price index — which has now been falling for 51 consecutive months — real debt rises. This is undermining corporate profitability, spurring companies to deleverage and reduce investment, and fuelling further declines in PPI.

Annual GDP growth of 6. This is not to say that what China needs is more real-estate investment. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China had million square meters of unsold commercial and residential floor space at the end of ; when space under construction is factored in, inventory expands to more than five billion square meters. With an average of only 1. One of the most important reasons for the recent investment surge was abundant liquidity driving speculative demand — and that is hardly sustainable.

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After all, such investment, which grew at Given that China is saddled with large local-government and corporate debts, but also enjoys large domestic savings and a strong fiscal position, this message could not be more pertinent. In an ideal world, domestic consumption would serve as the main engine of growth; under current circumstances, infrastructure investment is the most reliable option. In the long run, it operates through the supply side to boost productivity and thus raise growth potential. China can fund such investment with fiscal deficits, given strong demand for government bonds.

But infrastructure investment is also badly needed, not just to prevent the economy from sliding further, but also to enable China to generate the sustained long-term growth that it requires to achieve developed-country status. The slowdown in Chinese growth has finally prompted concerns around the world. Trading Economics The Problem of Debt The current environment in China — as it is in much of the rest of the world — is dominated by the incessant increase in debt. It was wrong not to turn them off again. China will not be an exception to that rule. Problem loans have doubled in two years and, officially, are already 5.

If the midpoint turned out to be above intraday net asset value iNAV —meaning the fund traded at premium—investors could wind up with a much less efficient execution than what they would get in a comparable mutual fund, if such a thing existed. International investing involves risks, including risks related to foreign currency, limited liquidity, less government regulation and the possibility of substantial volatility due to adverse political, economic or other developments.

Thank you for your patience. Index data related to the underlying indices souty provided by the respective index companies listed above. Think ETF's. That's why iShares does not offer them," BlackRock said in a statement Monday night, hours after the Dow industrials lost 1, points, the worst single-day point decline in market history. All other trademarks, servicemarks, or registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Research current and historical price. De mate van spreiding wordt bij een ETF bepaald door de onderliggende index en bij een beleggingsfonds door de visie van de fondsmanager.

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The rest of the paper is organized as follows. Empirical results and methodology 2. Data and preliminary findings The time series data used for modeling volatility in this paper consists of two sets of financial data. The first set includes daily returns of five stock indices: The estimation process for the two sets of data was run using observations as in-sample, while the remaining observations were used for the out-of-sample forecast.

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