Double forex account month plank

Bottom line; I don't have an unknown time period accpunt, maybe I believe in myself, my system and I have a grand I hope you accountt all wish me good fortune!?! I just paid my first months tech fees, so I'm not closing the door completely, now, on Apiary, I do hope it will turn around for me here but, I have to put it on the back burner for the next 30 days or so. Time IS money!!! We'll see what shakes out???

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The re-evaluation is done every 3 months or so, so someone who is profitable is looking at about 1 year 1K, 2. But I don't think those rules are written in stones, it all depends on how well you trade. Let's be clear though: Apiary Fund IS a business. Of course they MAKE money with the monthly fee you're paying. So even if the price reverses and hits the stop loss, we will end up with a profit of 2 pips. So essentially our trade is now risk free. We open a new position at 1.

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Now the first position is in profit of 24 pips. The second position is having a risk of 10 pips while the third position has a risk of 17 pips. We open a new position with 0. Now the first position is with a profit of 31 pips. The second position is with a risk of 3 pips. The third position is with a risk of 10 pips and the fourth position is with a risk of 19 pips.

Anyone have broker accounts outside Apiary? I'd love to hear about it!

So the total profit is 31 pips while the total risk is 22 pips. You plabk we have made the whole trade risk free now. We close the trade at 1. We started with a risk of 2. So you can see the most important part in this strategy is the entry and then opening new positions in such a way that our risk is never more than 2.

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