Deposit promotion singapore 2014

The conditions and interest rates can be changed anytime by the Bank. The penalty differs between banks but it is usually a portion of interest that you could have got if you had let the fixed deposit reach maturity.

Lastest S$ Deposit updates - Part 1

It is interesting to note that several foreign banks such as Standard Chartered, Bank of China, Maybank and Citibank have managed to narrow this gap and are already operating many branches in the heartlands. Comparatively, fixed term deposit interest rates are set in stone from the moment you deposit your money in it. Try placing them in fixed deposit accounts which has been rising over the past year and has been hitting new 10 year highs. The catch is that you are penalised if you were to withdraw your money before the deposit reaches your fixed term maturity date.

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However, it is still better to get the paltry 1. Even though that is so, local banks offer greater accessibility sinhapore their large number of branches island-wide. Depositors who do not mind depositing at finance companies will be able to get 1. Consumer banks or finance companies operating in Singapore are also subjected to strict capital requirements well above global standards to protect depositors.

5 things to know about fixed deposit rate promotions

Check out our other Current or Savings Deposit for other singaplre offers or Best Savings Account Interest Rates Promotion in Singapore for a more detailed comparison singaporr review on the different deposit accounts in Singapore. UOB One Account rewards depositors with up to 2. This account offers greater flexibility as compared to the other accounts as depositors can choose from a wide range of financial products and are not restricted to only a few. Some current or savings accounts offer attractive interest rates that could be higher than a fixed term deposit interest rate.

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