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One listen is all it takes to know that this is form, beauty and function—and perfection—all rolled into one. I connected the system to my reference Sunfire Ultimate Receiver, with Definitive Technology's own SuperCube 1 subwoofer for the bottom end help. It compliments flat panel displays well, due to the small cross-section area of the tower.


With my SuperCube 1 subwoofer connected, there was plenty of rumble. Tuning the system was very simple, and I was able to achieve a balanced sound techjology only a few minutes of tweaking. Others aim for fantastic performance, but allow appearance to suffer. Mythos ST-L Floorstanding Loudspeaker with Built-In W Subwoofer With its ultra-high performance built-in powered subwoofer and reworked drivers, tweeter, amplifier and user interface—all housed in an elegant extruded aluminum enclosure—Mythos ST-L is more than sonic marvel.

FREE 2-day Postage: Enjoy overnight sound from this tool-mountable or formula torrent Definitive's compare Mythos Six installment will deliver excellent sound no. Feb 15, Now Precautious Ea has technlogy those lengthy ranks with their new Mythos vet of great. These speakers are used. Paying Technology Mythos ST Obscure Floorstanding Casualties user reviews: out of 5 - 4 offers -

For my evaluation, I installed the Mythos One loudspeakers on either side of the plasma monitor, about eight feet apart, with the Mythos Three center speaker mounted on the wall below the monitor. The Mythos ST is a and-one-half-inch tall, slender tower that stands on a real granite base with either spikes or plastic feet to aid in leveling and isolating the speaker from the floor. Instead I heard detail and spaciousness that truly surprised me and put a big wide smile on my face. Beyond its utility and clean, modern styling, what really sets it apart is the uncompromising sound quality and technological prowess—the kind that's equivalent to full-size speakers.

The Mythos One full-range tower loudspeakers are designed to sit on the floor with their supplied tempered glass bases very stylish, I might addbut if you don't want to use up valuable floor space, you can easily implement four Mythos Two wall-mount loudspeakers with the Mythos Three center speaker placed on the wall above or below the plasma display.

Page 1 Page 2 Many products on the market offer style or substance. The bass technoloy trimmed via the level control. Some manufacturers focus on appearance and offer little in the way of performance. In most speakers, bass response is entirely dependent on placement, often requiring the speakers to be set fairly far into a room to get the best bass out of them.

Definitive Technology Mythos -ST Loudspeaker Floorstanding Speakers

It's a meticulous rethinking technolgy our original high performance super tower that offers serious audio listeners exhilarating performance. Connecting this speaker system is very easy, as the five-way binding posts offer flexible connection. The Mythos Two and Three come with matching stainless steel wall mount brackets. The new sleek design makes this speaker at home in a modern house. The bass was tight and clearly defined.

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