Deer attacks woman and dogs

I cursed the slovenliness of our previous tenant, then cleaned up the mess.

When deer attack!

A few weeks later, Attaks noticed a similar pile of garbage in the front yard. It was as if a bear had gotten into our trash, but that was impossible since we keep our garbage in the garage. Cursing, I cleaned up the garbage, stumbling across an envelope with an address as I went. The trash had come from over a block away, down a hill and through a fenced yard.

I was enraged: First, at the people for eoman, and endangering, a bear with their unsecured garbage a veritable feast, with leftover takeout and organic grapefruit rinds! A cub in our backyard A week later, another pile of trash appeared in our yard. A few days later, another. It became clear that the bears were ordering takeout from all over the neighborhood, dragging it up the hill, and devouring it in our yard as if it were their living room. I asked my sister, a wildlife biologist, what the hell was going on.

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It thinks your yard is its territory. That can attavks dangerous. Afterward, I let the dog chase them away, or at least try. This whole territory thing had to go. The male deer that attacked Ron Dudek, 73, on Sept. The 6-foot-tall buck charged out of a patch of shrubbery and gored Dudek in the face before running off. Dudek was rushed to the hospital where he received stitches for the wounds.

Three weeks later he died from a pulmonary blood clot resulting from the encounter. In another attack further north in the state, a couple in Covelo were attacked while watering a friend's vegetable garden. Martarano says the woman was gored in the arm after the animal had pinned the man to the ground with its antlers. When the woman tried to scare off the animal with a piece of plywood, she was gored in the arm.

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Doctors told her it was best to let the cuts heal naturally, rather than stitching them up and possibly trapping infection inside. When Felmley told her story to others, she found little support for herself but lots for the wildlife. Bears and cougars were here but got relocated or euthanized. We're not willing to accept that deer are just as dangerous. They consider dogs predators and will proactively defend fawns.

Herd of deer attack B.C. woman

In Ashland, she found records of aggressive encounters against humans and dogs, but no actual attacks on a person. She will meet this week with City Councilor Carol Voisin, who sits on the unofficial Wildlife Committee and takes part in the twice-yearly deer census. They have birthed right in the Chanticleer yard before," says Voisin. You do not go near a deer at this time of year.

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