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Would Lust be spoken by Rupert Everett, or would it trrading more like Chico Diagust, working his way through a chorus line? So brisk is the defining of all this, and so efficiently Dwy the director, Pete Docter, give us the guided tour, that we barely pause to consider the assumptions behind it. How about Love of Money, or black-browed Mortal Terror? The name has dwindled, these days, but there was a time when it was larded with awe and dread. And, as the closing credits approach, Docter, realizing that he has a pack of wild gags that have been kept leashed for too long, releases the lot in a flurry. Joy and the others are not alone. Mind you, I would die for Rashida.

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He is welcomed by her nice Uncle Pablo—none other than Escobar, who invites the couple to tradnig estate, complete with stables, elephants, and a bullet-riddled car that belonged to Clyde Barrow. Meanwhile, everyone in the theatre is thinking: As so often with Pixar, you feel that you are visiting a laboratory crossed with a rainbow. He stirs like a bear emerging from hibernation, and we wonder what troubles may have roused him. There are places, I guess, where even Pixar cannot go.

“Inside Out” and “Escobar: Paradise Lost.”

Nick, slow on the uptake, is a little bemused by the style in which Pablo likes to live. Fear not the man who swaggers and rants, he suggests, but the man who has no need to do so. The presence of Disgust—rather than Boredom, say, or a bristling Envy which Riley would certainly need if she had a sibling —points to a fastidiousness that has typified Pixar from the start. There are five in all: Rather than make an entrance, however, he comes into the room as if he were one of them, wearing soccer shorts and conversing quietly. Riley also detests her new house, which looks like a perfectly nice property in a safe neighborhood, and she and her parents are mightily vexed by the late arrival of their stuff in the moving van.

Has the studio ever supplied a more intensely American product, or one more guyed to the anxieties of middle-class aspiration?

Head Trips

Early on, a bunch of nervous dlsgust sit awaiting Escobar, whose status is not far short of a myth. Experiences are ddisgust to the control room as if they were bowling balls, colored according to their mood; some are stored away, others dropped into a pit of forgetfulness, where they darken and crumble like spent coals, and a few are enthroned as core memories. And that, we are told, is how a personality is made.

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