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From this article, investors will learn about Bookz three best books an investor can read to learn more about options trading. Final thoughts How options trading books can help your investing and trading They shorten the learning curve.

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Top 5 Books on Becoming an Options Trader

Before investing in options, it is important that investors fully understand what options are to minimize the risk involved in options trading. In this book, readers will find a step-by-step guide for setting up an short option investment portfolio, which is designed to generate a profit from selling options contracts. Here is our list of the best books for options trading in McMillan shows how you can improve your earnings potential of your portfolio while minimizing risk. Written for people with some familiarity with options, the author goes into details of how the strategies are used in various situations, as well as why. The book also offers advice on trading index options, options on futures, and measuring and utilizing market volatility.

We'll give you pricing guidelines and specific timing tips.

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