Are gifts to business clients deductible

It helps you to build a strong customer relationship, it can be a clever marketing tool, and it can get you a tax deduction.

Defining business gifts

However, you can't just deduct the cost of the gift and be done with it; the IRS has some rather tricky limitations on how this particular deduction works. Defining business gifts According to the IRS, a business gift is a gift given "in the course of your trade or business. However, if you buy a client tickets to an event but don't go yourself, you can treat it either as a gift or as entertainment; it's your choice. Image source: For example, a real estate agent might give a client, who purchases a house a Rs. The agent attaches a note with the gift asking for future business and referrals accompanied by three business cards.

Further, the said expenditure should be justifiable and reasonable considering the size and processes of the Company. For example, the CBDT has issued a circular stating that any expense incurred in providing freebies to medical practitioners by pharmaceutical companies in violation of the provisions of the Indian Medical Council Professional Conduct, Etiquette and Ethics Regulations, shall be inadmissible under Section 37 1 of the Income Tax Act [4]being an expense prohibited by the law. The sum equivalent to value of freebies enjoyed by the medical practitioner shall be taxable as business income or income from other sources depending on the facts of the case.

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Deduction for the Client Any gift to a public servant is clienfs prohibited by law and can invite serious punishment as it is considered to be a bribe. Under Section 56 ii [5]deduction for donee receiver or income from deductibld is subjected to certain conditions like: Conclusion It is customary in India to give gifts to clients on various festive occasions like Diwali, Christmas, etc. However, if something adds value to the gift itself, it cannot be considered an incidental. Client Gift Type 2: Entertainment Be careful with deducting gifts that might be considered entertainment expenses.

For example, if you give a client tickets to an entertainment event, is that a gift or entertainment? Generally, if you attend the event with the client, the tickets should be treated as an entertainment expense. This distinction is important because the TCJA eliminated the deduction for entertainment expenses as of January 1, Keep Records of Tax Deductible Gifts! As with most tax deductions, keeping records of what you bought, how much you paid and the business purpose of the gift is key to ensuring you get your deduction.

Deductibility Provisions for Gifts to Business Clients by Businesses

However, a cost won't be considered incidental if it adds substantial value to the gift. For example, gitts you purchase an ornamental basket for packaging a fruit basket and the value of the basket is substantial in relation to its contents, this is not an inceidental cost. Add the cost of the basket to the cost of its contents. If you simply have the fruit gift-wrapped, this would be an incidental cost.

Bonuses to Employees If you pay bonuses to employees, make sure you do not describe such payments in your records as gifts. If you give the spouse of a business associate a gift, it is considered given to the business associate. If the spouse of a business associate has a bona fide business connection with you, independent of your business associate, the gift is not considered as made to the associate unless it is intended for the associate's use.

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