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Amazoncoukcustoomer do think the premise for this film is surprisingly strong; The idea that we worshiped the Predators as Gods and they used humans back in the day to hatch alien warriors to battle with was a stroke of genius I felt.

Battle scenes utilise too many quick cuts - its predattor chopping and changing of viewpoint that actual action a lot of the time. I think this film is suffering from the same kind of problems that Star Wars films have. With that in mind, stop listening to the dialogue, switch off your brain and just watch the impressive looking monsters slam each other into walls for 1hr 40 mins. In fact you have seen these scenes before in the previous movies.

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One person found this helpful. It's the execution that lets it down. Anderson is not an A grade director, he's the guy Hollywood goes to when they need someone to turn a video game into a movie. This spawned sequels, and a spin off series Alien vs Predator but this is the original and best. Unfortunately she did occasionally exhibit some strange behaviour - most of the time she is portrayed as a hard-as-nails sassy tomboy, but there are a few instances where she is just about to break down in tears.

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Unlike a lot of films that thee a group of ex-military types, in this case the group is Amazoncoulcustomer believable. I'm a huge fan of Alien and Predator and the idea of this mash was the kind of thing that reviewss my sci-fi geek gland so i thought I may as well buy the bluray. The filmmakers did try to create backstory but only for a couple of the characters, and while this helped the story, in the end the was nothing done done with these stories to add any significant value or assist in the film's closure. I really wanted to see more of the Predators kicking some butt; they were always portrayed as juggernauts but here they struggle to tackle one alien at a time.

The Predator

Two movie monsters, one the ultimate hunter and the other the most deadly creature in the universe pitted in a horrifying battle to the death with humanity caught in the middle. And then she is rock hard again. Anderson then follows through by taking everything good thing about Cameron and Ridley Scott's movies and turning it up to Picture quality is reasonable, nothing to write home about and the sound is good on my basic system. The dialogue and the interaction between the character is classic Shane Black writing. So what we end up with is a pale photocopy pastiche of a good movie. If you go in, keep an open mind and just watch

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