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That number says nothing about the quality of apps in either store, obviously, but does probably signify that Android has many more. Ditto for those who rely on rear cameras that the Chromebook may or may not have—Pokemon Go, for instance. Want to know which Android apps to run on a Chromebook? Here are the ten best. One of the strengths of Windows, though, lies within its historical archive of bits of code, utilities, and other apps that have collected in dusty old hard-drive folders, FTP sites, and elsewhere. Figure Magnifier settings. The Magnifier dialog box offers several options. You can choose to have this tool start every time Windows starts, use 2x to 9x magnification, and choose if the magnification box will follow the mouse focus by clicking a windowkeyboard focus by pressing Tab to jump to a text boxor text editing where the mouse will follow the cursor in a text document.

When you are not changing a magnification setting, the Magnifier will fade away and become a magnifying glass. Click the glass to reopen the Magnifier options window. The final section of this window offers some final tweaks to make different screen elements easier to see.

Ease of Access

If you have difficulty seeing or discerning between different colors, click "Adjust the color and transparency of the window borders: Window option and appearance. Click "Fine tune display effects" to display the Appearance settings dialog box. Scroll to the bottom of the list until you reach the Basic and High Contrast themes: Basic and High Contrast Themes. Other enhancements include making the blinking cursor in a text box or word processing document thicker, and turning off unnecessary animations. This will help avoid confusion for people who have difficulty focusing on a computer screen. Make things on screen easier to see. As a final note on modifying the visual elements of Windows, one of the easiest things to try to make the screen easier to read is to decrease the screen resolution.

Windows 7 requires a minimum resolution of x pixels.

Chromebooks versus Windows laptops: Which should you buy?

Changing Accessibiloty Methods We know that the mouse settings can be modified to help differently-abled people use their computer. Now we will learn how you can modify the keyboard and even use a microphone to command your computer. Click "Make the keyboard easier to use" in the Ease of Access Center: On the Audio Input Settings window, select the radio button next to Use this audio input device. Select the desired microphone input from the drop-down menu. Setting up Windows 7 user settings Enhance the ability of Speech Recognition to understand your speech.

On the Speech Properties window, highlight your profile name. On the Speech Properties window, if you want Speech Recognition to start automatically when you log on, select the checkbox next to Run Speech Recognition at startup optional. On the Speech Properties window, select the check box next to Enable voice activation optional.

To change the spacing between sentences, select the desired number from the Number of spaces to insert after punctuation drop-down. Setting up Windows 7 Sound themes The computer makes sounds to alert you when certain events occur, such as the receipt of a new email. You can change the sounds for Speech Recognition events. On the Speech Properties window, click the Audio Input button. On the Sound window, click the Sounds tab. Click the program event that you want to change. Select a new sound from the Sounds drop-down menu.

Sound options for Speech Recognition program events Click the Test button to preview a sound. Click Apply. Enhancing Windows 7 microphone performance Improve the ability of Speech Recognition to understand your speech by muting or reducing background sounds. On the Sound window, click the Communications tab.

Select the radio button next to your Accessibiliry option, and then click Apply. Options to mute or reduce sounds Making the mouse easier to use in Windows 7 Make the mouse pointer more visible by changing the way it looks, and turn on features that make the mouse easier to use. Under Explore all settings, click the Make the mouse easier to use link. Changing the color and size of Windows 7 mouse pointers If you have trouble seeing the mouse pointer on your screen, you can make it more visible by following the steps below. Under Mouse pointers, select the radio button next to the desired color and size combination. Options for changing the mouse pointer Click Apply.

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Turning on Windows 7 Mouse Keys Enabling Mouse Keys makes it possible to use the numeric keypad to move the mouse pointer around on the screen. To set up Mouse Keys: Click the Make the mouse easier to use link under Explore all settings in the Ease of Access Center menu. Select the check box next to Turn on Mouse Keys, and then click Apply. Click the Set up Mouse Keys link. While in Set up Mouse Keys, choose the desired functions: To see a warning message when turning Mouse Keys on, select the check box next to Display a warning message when turning a setting on, and then click Apply.

Warning message that appears when Mouse Keys are turned on If you want to hear a sound when turning Mouse Keys on or off, select the check box next to Make a sound when turning a setting on or off, and then click Apply. For a visual reminder that the Mouse Keys feature is on, select the check box next to Display the Mouse Keys icon on the taskbar, and then click Apply. Using Windows 7 Mouse Keys Move the mouse pointer using the numeric keypad. Move the pointer up and left by pressing 7. Move the pointer up by pressing 8.

Move the pointer up and right by pressing 9. Move the pointer left by pressing 4. Move the pointer right by pressing 6. Move the pointer down and left by pressing 1. Move the pointer down by pressing 2. Move the pointer down and right by pressing 3. Drag an item by pointing to it, pressing 0, and then pressing the desired directional button. Let's take a look at how to locate these features for your device. On mobile devices that use Android or iOS, open the Settings app, then locate the Accessibility section. On iOS devices, you'll find it within the General settings category. Web accessibility Most web browsers also offer their own built-in accessibility features.

You'll usually find these options in your browser's settings. Before you adjust these settings, you may want to try zooming instead.

Zooming is an easy way to make webpages easier to read, and it works the same way in most browsers. Accessibility features in specific software There are many more accessibility features you can use, depending on the type of computer you have and the software you use. The resources below will direct you to accessibility features for some of the most commonly used applications. Microsoft Accessibility: Here, you'll find news on Microsoft's accessibility projects, as well as help pages on accessibility features in the Windows operating system and in the Microsoft Office suite.

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Apple Accessibility: From here, you can navigate to help documents for specific features. But since it's PC-only, it doesn't compromise the security of your Microsoft account anywhere compuger. Also, it can be as many digits as you desire. To set it up, click the Start menu, then on your avatar pic, and choose Change account settings. Yyour the PIN you want and restart to try it. Then you can probably skip the optioons login screen that appears after every reboot or sometimes even when you come back from the screensaver. To do that, go to the User Accounts control panel by typing "netplwiz" in the search bar.

Select the account, uncheck the box next to "Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. You'll get a confirmation box that asks you to enter that very password—twice. Click okay when done. Reboot the PC and if it works, it should roll smoothly into the desktop without requesting a password. Don't do this if it's shared PC. And you'll still need to know the password if you're logging into the PC remotely. Refresh Instead of Reset Windows 10 has a fantastic feature that lets you essentially reinstall Windows 10 on your computer from the ground up, like new—without deleting any of your data files though you will have to reinstall software and drivers.

You don't need any separate media, like a copy of Windows 10 on a disc or USB flash drive. But that can be overkill. Sometimes, Windows just needs a reset that does not eradicate your software and drivers.

This compuher also easy to do, but it does require a copy of Windows 10 on separate media. Don't have the media, since you probably performed the free Windows 10 upgrade during its first year of life? Get it via here. Or you can just mount it as a virtual drive in Windows After a few more prompts and waiting, your Windows 10 system will have the refresh it needs. Kill Cortana Dead Master Chief would never let this happen. Maybe that's why the most recent build of Windows 10 took out the switch to turn off Cortana, Microsoft's answer to Siri and Alexa.

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