Kobe bryant still bitter over vetoed chris paul trade

It suggests that, even more than in the past, top players are leaving less-glamorous locales at a competitive disadvantage, some say. The Pau currently owns the Hornets and is trying to sell them. The franchise surely looks more attractive — and might be worth more money — with Paul on the team, rather than in Los Angeles. Small-market owners reportedly gave Stern an earful when word got out about the impending trade.

Now the question has become: The other 27 owners, excluding Lakers owner Jerry Buss for obvious reasons, were not OK with the deal. The Paul trade was in direct contradiction of the ethos of the lockout, and as the owner of the Hornets, Stern had the power to veto it and appease the rest of the league. Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, in particular, was sternly opposed to the deal, writing a letter to Stern that was quickly leaked to the media. A team with younger talent, and a potential stud in the draft, would in theory, though. Getty Images The public fallout was immense.

Now what? Pundits claimed the league could no longer trade Paul, as it would seem as if the NBA were dictating where it wanted the superstar to play. The three teams tried renegotiating the deal, sending the Hornets more undisclosed players and picks, but it eventually fell apart, with the Lakers ultimately pulling out. Then, less than a week later, on Dec. Eric Gordon was coming off a season in which he averaged Aminu had flashed potential as a rangy stopper.

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Kaman was a nightly double-double threat. The deal, on bityer, was marginally better at least. Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak has never forgiven Sternbrywnt Bryant is still bitter about the non-deal. Getty Images The Lakers lost out on a generational star in Paul, and then bounced back by acquiring Howard and Steve Nash in the offseason. Opt out or contact us anytime The N. The Paul trade symbolically and practically undermined that message, putting league officials in an awkward position.

VIDEO: Kobe Bryant Jabs At NBA Vetoing Chris Paul Trade and ESPN

But, on balance, the Hornets were getting an equitable deal, with a generous package of talent from the Lakers and the Rockets. Houston would have received Pau Gasol from the Lakers. The Hornets would have done well, given the circumstances. Paul can opt out of his contract next summer, and he had made it clear to the Hornets that he intended to leave.

This made no sense. Blocking the Paul trade? This was different. This was Big Brother stuff.

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This was ovrr of the biggest conflicts of interest in sports history. This was a league intentionally chfis its own credibility. This was a scandal popping out of thin air, self-created, almost like a man-made lake or something. These are the facts: When the Hornets stole the spotlight after the labor agreement by immediately being involved in 50, different trade rumors, nobody really cared. We had no reason to think differently right? The league made a point of saying that Demps had been empowered to make any trade without interference. Everyone read that and got the joke.

Fast-forward to Thursday night: Those first few shill after word spread not only sttill the trade was vetled, but that Paul would probably remain in New Orleans for the entire seasonas everyone came to the same sobering conclusion. The old man finally lost his mind. Bryannt, he was pushed there by a cluster of bitter owners, but the old Stern never would have rolled over like that. Twenty years ago, 10 years ago, maybe even five years ago, Stern would have brushed them off in his endearingly condescending way, quelled the fire, called in a favor or two, acted like the politician he always secretly was. Not this time. We just witnessed it during that lockout.

Few people understood how much time and effort he spent pushing his holdout owners toward that final compromise. He barely got there. If you want to know the truth, Stern started losing control of the league during the middle of last decade, when a new generation of wealthy billionaires started paying full boat for franchises. The days of Abe Pollin and Bill Davidson were long gone — family guys who bought in early, stuck with their investments and watched their league flourish into something much bigger than they ever expected.

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A year after diabetes claimed Miller in May ogerStern met the press before a playoff game and spoke earnestly about his affection for Miller. At the time, Sloan was still coaching the Jazz at 67 years old, six months older than Stern. Or, how he hoped people saw him.

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