Bear spread using put options 2 design

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Both legs have the same expiration date. The sspread will reach its maximum profit potential if the stock price moves above the higher strike price before the expiration date. Profit Potential Selling the higher usig call option in a bull call spread reduces the cost to set up a bullish trade compared to the outright purchase of a call option. Because a bear put spread is basically a short-term trade, it is generally simple to find a sector that has significant downward pressure on it that will stay negative for the next 30 to 60 days. A second improvement on just blindly putting on a bear put spread is to look at the pricing of the option.

To determine the correct pricing for any given option, you will need to acquire the use of an option calculator. You want to calculate the implied volatility IV of each option, selling those for which the IV is high and purchasing those whose IV is low. While a large skew is not often found, when you do, it magnifies your returns.

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Such a calculator is found on Optionetics. Conclusion The bear put spread is a very useful trading strategy in your arsenal. There are times when the stocks you want to trade just are not going up, or even staying neutral, and this simple trade will permit you to prosper even as your fellow traders are sitting on the sidelines, or even losing money. Good trading.

By Andrew Neyens, staff writer and sprea strategist at Optionetics. The maximum loss is the initial cost of the premiums paid, plus commissions. Short Call Butterfly Spread The short butterfly spread is created by selling one in-the-money call option with a lower strike price, buying two at-the-money call options, and selling an out-of-the-money call option at a higher strike price. The maximum loss is the strike price of the bought call minus the lower strike price, less the premiums received. Long Put Butterfly Spread The long put butterfly spread is created by buying one put with a lower strike price, selling two at-the-money puts, and buying a put with a higher strike price.

A net debit is created when entering the position. Like the long call butterfly, this position pyt a maximum profit when the underlying stays at the strike price of the middle options. If that happens, you might want to consider selling calls against long stock to reduce cost basis further. Sell put, buy lower-strike put of same expiration.

Bear spread

Create by looking for OTM put that has high probability of expiring worthless, then look at buying further OTM put to try to get target credit, typically one or two more strikes OTM. Bearish Strategy No. Create by looking for OTM call that has high probability of expiring worthless, then look at buying further OTM call to try to get target credit, typically one or two more strikes OTM. Takes advantage of flatter vol skew on upside strikes.

This should be a credit spread, where the credit from the short vertical offsets the debit of the butterfly. This is not aggressively bearish, as max profit is achieved if stock is at short strike of embedded butterfly. But if an unbalanced call butterfly is done for credit, it should not lose money if the stock drops and the entire position expires worthless. Compare bull spread. Bear spread.

A bear spread is an options strategy that you use uskng you anticipate a decline in the price of the underlying instrument, such as a stock or an index. As in any spread, you purchase one option and write another on the same underlying item. You would then write puts with the strike equal to your predicted price, and with the appropriate expiration date. In addition, for every two puts that you write you would buy one put with a higher strike and one with a lower strike.

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These options should have the same expiration date. Ideally, you should use strikes that are as close as possible to each other. You should end up covering most of the cost of buying puts with the credit received for writing puts, resulting in a relatively small net debit. You can follow the above instruction using calls instead, and the overall cost and potential profits will be roughly the same.

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