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The training would last for two weeks and could be repeated over and over. He called his students " turtles " after recalling turtle farms he had visited in Singapore and deciding that he could grow traders as quickly and efficiently as farm-grown turtles. Finding the Turtles To settle the bet, Dennis placed an ad in The Wall Street Journal and thousands applied to learn trading at the feet of widely acknowledged masters in the world of commodity trading. Only 14 traders would be make it through the first "Turtle" program. No one knows the exact criteria Dennis used, but the process included a series of true-or-false questions; a few of which you can find below: The big money in trading is made when one can get long at lows after a big downtrend.

It is not helpful to watch every quote in the markets one trades.

Others' opinions of the market are good to Turgle. On initiation one should know precisely where to liquidate if a loss occurs. For the record, according to the Turtle method, 1 and 3 are false; 2, 4, and 5 are true. For more on turtle trading, see Trading Systems: The Rules Turtles were taught very specifically how to implement a trend-following strategy. In practice, this means, for example, buying new four-week highs as an entry signal. Figure 1 shows a typical turtle trading strategy.

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For more, see Defining Active Trading. Figure 1: Buying silver using xystem day breakout led to a highly profitable trade in November Source: Share 0 Tweet 0 Pin it 0 By: Who is right, and which works better? To cut a foeex story short, he was indeed able to recruit some novices, give them a system and capital, and watch them make spectacular profits over a period of a few years. For a long trrading, there was a lot of speculation about exactly what this superbly profitable trading strategy was. The Turtle Trading System The heart of the system governing trade entries was to trade a range of instruments, entering long when a price made a 55 day high or short at a 55 day low: Donchian channel breakouts.

It was a trend trading system. However I have been surprised to find from my own research that Turtles style trading can actually work very well in the Forex market, compared to more complex entry systems involving indicators, time of day etc. Turtles Style Trading in Forex As the Turtles traded a diverse range of markets, you would think that a key part of successfully applying their methods in the Forex market would be to trade all currency pairs equally. In fact, research shows that the USD is the key driver of the Forex market, and that USD currency pairs have a strong propensity to trend. This might well change in the future if the USD lost its role as the primary global currency, but for now it holds true.

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Ssecurity your stop just below the recent swing low. Take your profit when the Turtle Trading Channel appears above the price and it is red in color. The major trend should be down. Previous candlestick bar should be bearish.

20 years old Turtles strategy still work!!

Turtle Trading Channel should be above the price and it should be red in color. Open a sell position as soon as above conditions are met. Place your stop just above the recent swing high.

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