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This way, a dealer can buy the security from you at the bid, sell it to another investor at the higher ask price, and capture a profit by facilitating these trades. As you can see, the last price it traded at was The lesson here is that the last trade price plays no role in the next transaction; the market has already moved on. Let's take a look at two examples that illustrate the danger of relying on last trade prices for trading. Example 1: An informed investor, who does know where bid and ask are, can take advantage of the large discrepancies and execute profitable and potentially risk-free trades. Of course, this kind of trading is not possible neither in the real world nor on Stockfuse.

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Example 2: In the last 45 minutes of trading, the last trade price of AMD appeared to be jumping between 2. For example, if several 5, to 10,share trades occur in the space of 15 minutes and the price edges upward, this may signal that an institution is bent on accumulating the stock. When the same sales result in a price drop, it means sellers are swamping potential buyers with inventory. Time of last sale: This is the exact moment the last trade took place. When the time of the last sale updates rapidly you can bet there's a lot of interest in the stock, especially if it normally trades on light volume. Unusual volume generally signals larger-than-normal price movements to come.

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Conversely, if the last sale occurred finanve minutes ago, chances are it's a pretty sleepy day for that stock. The tick aek trend: The tick tells you whether the last trade was up or down from the price immediately preceding it. Streaming quote providers may use arrows or plus and minus signs to represent the tick. Short-sellers, who are betting a stock will fall in price, need to know the tick because they are only permitted to short stocks on an uptick, that is, when the most recent price was greater than the price immediately preceding it.

Exchange-traded funds are exempt from the uptick rule. A good streaming quote service will print the last three or four ticks. In contrast, - - - - could depict an approaching short-term free fall. When You Really Don't Need Streaming All these numbers, as well as the basics like dollar or percentage change, continually update before your eyes. If you have, say, 15 stocks listed on your streaming quote screen, that's a lot of blinking information to absorb.

What Does the Amount Number Mean Next to the Ask & Bid Price of Stocks?

For that reason, some people prefer so-called snapshot quote screens. The quotes update in real time Yahoi time you hit the refresh button. They're a little easier on the eyes and maybe on the brain, too. If you only glance at your watch lists a few times during the day and are not doing hyperactive trading, but want the benefits of detailed, up-to-the-second information, this is probably all you need. Customization, Multiple Portfolios and Multiple Exchanges If you trade frequently during the day, you need a screen that'll help you make sense of the information deluge.

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The Yauoo quote providers let you customize your screen. For example, if volume and tick are the things you watch most, you should be able to put those columns beside one another. A good quote provider will also let you set up multiple watch lists. One might represent your actual portfolio -- the stocks you own. Another might be devoted to the telecom stocks you've got your eye on, still another to retailing stocks, and so forth. These figures are known as bid size and ask size.

There is often an X standing for "times" between the price and the size. If you see "Bid: A single trader might be responsible for the figures, or those figures might represent the sum of the orders of multiple traders. Exploring Large Orders The bigger your order, the more important it is to keep a close eye on the bid and ask sizes. If the amount you wish to trade exceeds the bid or ask size, you may have to execute some of your order at a less favorable price. Since only 5, shares are available for purchase at this price, part of your order, 5, shares to be exact, will remain unfulfilled.

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