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More importantly, McMaster computer science graduates are promised a percent employment rate within two years of graduating from the program.

Alberta is not only becoming a destination of residence for many recent skilled immigrants, but international students also decide on Alberta as a study destination. In fact, University of Alberta data also shows a rise in international student enrolment, overseas enrolment, into the computing science program nearly double that of domestic students. A Computer Science degree at McGill encompasses both theory and application, with smaller classrooms that enable students to experience one-on-one interaction with professors. Undergraduate students in the School of Computer Science have a choice between 10 program options and three possible degrees, with access to an internship program that allows them to put all learned skills at use in a professional setting including a possibility for a paid work term as an undergraduate.

For students interested in a career-focused program taught by industry specialists, Waterloo is one of the strongest choices as it offers its students a solid co-op program with 6, participating employers, students have the chance to gain two years of paid work experience upon graduation.

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The number of international graduates from the computer science program at the undergraduate level increased by 75 percent over recent years. It is no wonder Waterloo attracts nearly 6, international students from more than countries each year. It grew widely over the years and now offers undergraduates a legacy of research-driven interdisciplinary instruction. Founded in in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz University follows Islamic regulations closely and has established separate campuses, sports teams, and research centers for men and women.

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An external program and online classes were also established to help meet the growing demand for higher education services. As ofthere were over 6, faculty members andstudents at Abdulaziz University. Academic accreditation for all bachelor-level programs in computer science from the American Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology was obtained in To aid in obtaining research objectives and scientific cooperation between institutions, the Global Research and Scientific Partnerships department was established. This department works in conjunction with the specialized research groups on campus. Founded in TUM currently operates 13 faculties, three integrative research centers, and six corporate research centers, making TUM one of the largest universities in Germany.

There are over 9, staff members, including 13 Nobel Prize winners, 17 Leibniz prize winners, and 10 IEEE Fellows, who minister to over 37, students. For the undergraduate students, electromobility, intelligent grids, computer chips and environmentally-friendly energy supplies are the most current areas of study. Doctoral candidates will focus on research in a number of centers of competence including: The price of expat grads Canadian grads generally benefit from an education heavily subsidized by Canadian taxpayers. Elite university programs here are a fraction of the cost of their U.

This differential for, say, a Waterloo student, is shouldered enginedring least in part by Canadian taxpayers. There are many good reasons why we do this — commitment to higher education, softqare spirit, and a deep-rooted social contract, to name a few. But at some level, one hope softwarre that graduates who have benefitted from the largesse of Canadian taxpayers will go on to pay it forward and contribute to Canadian society — as taxpayers funding the next generation of students, as employees providing important services, as vital building blocks of the new economy.

Yet, when Canadian grads take positions in the U. Many spend their prime earning years living, working and paying taxes in another country though those that maintain ties in Canada, such as homes or businesses, retain tax commitments here. And is it fair to single out engineering grads, when lots of people seek opportunities abroad?

Tech brain drain can be solved by having U.S. employers pay our grads' tuition subsidy

Moreover, what right englneering we have to dictate what people do with their education and where they do it? These are all valid points. Interestingly, however, there is precedent for taking a more activist stance when it comes to graduates. And it comes from a different field entirely — healthcare. This is accomplished through a combination of carrots and sticks.

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In Australia and Japan, for instance, a rural placement is required after graduation, typically one year for each year that educational financial support was given. In other countries, including Ecuador and South Africa, granting of licences to practice is contingent on a period of compulsory service. And tech is among the fastest-growing sectors of the economy Could a system like this be adapted to apply to engineering graduates in Canada?

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