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Option two is not ideal, either.

How are you going to get the top job without the skills?! No Wall Street firm is going to look twice at you without a demonstration of your trading excellence. I guess that leaves you with the learning now option. But how?

What you need is targeted advice, real scenarios, and hands-on learning, and you can get that by signing up for a trading tradin A short course is all you need to coasses the basics of financial markets and how to trade them. This is hands down the best career investment you can make as a trader. This is a great way to complement and enrich your studies with genuine interest and specialist skills, which will help you later on when you look for an internship Step 5. Step 4: When it comes to trading, practice is critical. At the same time, stay up to date with the markets and take note of how your decisions impact them.

Traders University

Undergraduate investment clubs Take a look at what your university offers in this regard, too. These are Optikns hands-on, practical learning platforms that will accelerate your understanding of finance and give you some solid trading experience to show off to potential employers! Within these clubs, there are many investment teams — each with their own leaders — that focus on different industry sectors. Harvard also has a few investment clubs, most notably the Black Diamond Capital Investors, which is not only the largest student-run hedge fund at Harvard, but one of the most successful student finance organisations in the US!

Plus, BUFC student members get to go on an annual Wall Street trip to network with alumni and visit the top companies.

The first place a Wall Street firm looks for top trading Optoons at a feeder school is the investment clubs, so it pays to get involved — in more ways lcasses one! Get involved in club events and if you really want to challenge yourself, compete! There are case competitions you tradig enter, such as the annual Point 72 Stock Pitch Competition, which gives you the opportunity to go head to head with students from other unis. Usually there's a cash prize up for grabs, too, and you know what that means Don't stop there — aim for an executive position in your investment club. Student leaders make up the biggest proportion of interns at the top firms. Immerse yourself in the trading world If you're serious about getting to the top of the trading business, you need to live and breathe it.

You need to pursue your passion with a fervent intensity. Learn everything. Think independently.

Do your own thing. Trade actively. Follow the markets. Lose money. Take every opportunity to make yourself a better trader. Spend all your free time poring over credit analyses and books written by your favourite hedge fund managers. Do your research. Remember, you are competing against similarly intense and focused students at your kos and around the world. Step 5: Get an internship Now scinece really gets exciting! The easiest way to get access to a Wall Street firm trading desk is to reach out to an investment bank. Begin applying for summer trading internships at the major investment banks as soon as they put the call out. The trading positions are going to be the most difficult to get, so apply for stock analyst or trader assistant roles, too.

Companies are looking for vocational studies as well as academic, so mention the trading workshop, your stock portfolio, investment clubs, and case competitions on your application, and include any relevant skills, experience, and achievements. For every trading internship role at a bank, they receive around 2, applications, but your proactivity and willingness to invest time and money in your own trading development will ensure that you stand out in any recruitment process.


If you score an interview which you will! Make sure you cover all bases, though. Talk about the trade you placed on your trading account, but be ready to explain your logic as to why you placed it. Focuses on dynamics of financing, markets and the development process.

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