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Finance Magnates Telegram Channel Update: We did see GFT cutting down jobs in America on several occasions but only thought this was restructuring and adapting to current tough market similarly to other brokers. GFT however just now announced on its website that it is pulling out of the US market altogether. From Tilken: We are moving to a far more focused approach on our institutional relationships in the U. S, Japan and our other important operations around the world.

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We are moving our US retail forex business to our longtime trusted partner, TD Ameritrade and the Japan retail forex business to a partner in Japan. GFT services several tracing around the world so these moves for our customers should be fairly seamless as our ability to service institutional partners is certainly one of our strong suits. We are working on the arrangements in both the US and Japan to deploy seamless transitions for the retail accounts affected by this decision. We have notified our accounts in each region and will update them as needed on progress regarding the transition.

GFT Forex Review

Tracing are deeply grateful for the trust and faith shown by our retail accounts in opening with GFT and look forward to transferring them quickly to their new homes. We are obviously disappointed to be leaving any markets where we compete and certainly are thankful for the time and resources invested by our teams globally to build them to this point. After careful evaluation of the global markets and the challenges our industry is facing today we made the strategic decision to change how we compete in these two retail markets. Read the full Forex.

During the scope of this GFT Forex review, we were impressed with the company's DealBooka 20 MB-plus downloadable trading engine that powers the company's demo, mini and standard accounts.

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The standard account is the full-featured crown jewel of the line; as its name suggests, the mini account is less robust. Finally, two traxing platforms round out the offerings: Chart Studio has over variations on technical analyses for the trader who wants to devise his own charting system. For the majority, though, this program is an unnecessary extra. The GFT Forex site has no trading or platform tutorials to speak of.

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The company does provide general background information on major financial markets and a glossary. An account representative will call and patiently take the novice through the platform and the Forex market. GFT seeks to foster a relationship between company and client. Building trust and customer loyalty is simply a smart marketing move, particularly in Forex.

The software demonstration with an account representative is the key to becoming familiar with the DealBook platform. It is tsp laden with chart options, graphics tools, and multiple drop-down menus that it would be difficult to navigate solo. In fact, because of the number of viewing options that blanket the screen, a trader can feel pretty claustrophobic without a wide-screen monitor. Within the platform there are 60 currency pairs from which to choose. The spreads range from a standard three to four pips for majors to a variable market-dependent rate for exotics. Around news time, however, all bets are off.

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