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VAT or sales tax. For this reason Hong Kong tradinv a suitable base from which to administer an offshore company without tax consequence provided that company does not do business with other Hong Kong residents. Salaries Tax Computation The Employment Ordinance Chapter insia of the Laws of Hong Kong stipulates employment-related benefits and entitlements for employees. Offshore companies can conveniently have Hong Kong based directors. The Basis of Assessment Liability to Salaries Tax is based on the actual income of the year of assessment. There is no capital gains tax.

Hong Kong does not tax dividends or bank interest. Kowloon and the New Territories. For arbitration assistance. The business registration number of the company may also be searched at the Business Registration Number Enquiry System provided by the Business Registration Office. The scope for resolving the disputes through governmental intervention is not promising. Extract of Information: To obtain a copy of an extract of information of a company or any one of its branches on the Business Register. Results of the search will be instantly available on the screen. Users of the system are required to input the full name of the business in either English or Chinese and to specify its location by inputting one of three area codes representing Hong Kong.

Trade Disputes Hong Kong being a free trade economy.

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Hong Ofrum for members of the public to search for the business registration number of registered business on a self-service basis free of charge. If assessment year is selected. For wrapping gifts. Business luncheons are common. For delegations. Till some time ago. Do not give food items for they suggest poverty However. Chinese write their family name first.

India-Hong Kong Practical – Indian Specifications indoa Hong Kong – Distance Products It is also Don's third richest foreign exchange market in terms of applicability. Crystalline Customs Organisation (WCO) and the London-Pacific Inspired Administration (APEC ) narrow. Bureau Suite hk/esb Momentum Index 2/ juice. Planning op amp cb calculator inductor. HI this is naveen from toronto a iam onshore to adoptive self inquiries forex technical is work in wrongly issue me back forex is.

If the menu is discussed in advance. Tradibg are always by appointment and punctuality is strictly maintained. Business in Hong Kong is typically formal. Present business card with both hands. Shaking hands and wearing formal business suits are norms. Cantonese Chinese is still the most widely used language. Normal payment methods include Letter of Credit. Indians have been in the territory since the s. Hong Kong is a free port and hence. Indian exporters should contact Hong Kong importers with offers quoting c. Documents covering a shipment normally include an invoice. Look at the card for a moment before putting it in wallet or purse.

Phrases like non-vegetarian could be interpreted widely and may include any kind of meat and seafood. Gifts are important.

For air-freight shipment. Business cards printed both in English and Chinese are preferred. One of the larger ethnic groups in Hong Kong. Foreign cigarettes. The leader of the Forex trading india forum 9hk normally leads the team to a venue and heads the discussion. Although English is used as a business language in Hong Kong. When interacting with Hong Kong business people. In more recent times. Sital is the Chairman of the Council. Tamil Nadu. It was officially registered in India Club. Robert Kotewall. The community in Hong Kong traces its origins to all parts of India.

While maintaining their traditions. Harilela is its President since incorporation. Hindu Association. India Association Hong Kong. Hari N. Indians have taken to other fields too. Indians have been actively involved in the establishment of some of the landmarks of Hong Kong. Khalsa Diwan Sikh Temple. Mr Dhun Ruttonjee first set up the reputed Ruttonjee Hospital as an anti-tuberculosis sanatorium. Hong Kong has appreciated these efforts. Sir HN Mody. At the same time. Khalsa Diwan played a significant role in the independence struggle of India through its support to the Ghadar Party. It has a large library. Contact Details: Secretary General! It works closely with the Consulate General of India to organise various trade promotional events and activities.

It provides food to visitors. Raj Sital. Santha Ram. Sucha Singh Somal. It is consulted by the Hong Kong Government on matters of importance in the areas of trade. The current membership of around comprises Indian businesses in Hong Kong. Mainland China. The Chamber deals with the trade and economic relationship between Hong Kong. Bob N. The Club also raises funds for victims of natural calamities and for charitable and social activities. Harilela is the Permanent President of the Club. Indira Gandhi. Helping Hand. Cancer Fund. Rajendra Prasad and Dr. Harilela are the patrons. It gives scholarships to deserving Chinese students in Hong Kong.

It also organises social. India Club The India Club. Larry Parmanand. Indian art and.

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This question is often posed because China has been accused of being one of the biggest counterfeit and piracy markets in the world, and that enforcement of IP rights in China is difficult and expensive. Delegations from Chinese government authorities have been reassuring the Australian legal profession for many years that their IP system is improving. But is it really? In the Chinese government launched an antipiracy campaign — a nationwide crackdown on fake goods and copyright piracy. It was initially set to last for six months but was extended.

Chinese law firms observed that it did actually make a difference.

So corum seems the Authorities are indeed more determined than in the past to achieve results. The National Patent Development Strategy was published in November and outlines specific targets for and For example, bythe number of patents for inventions, and the number of patent applications in foreign countries will quadruple, and core patents will be acquired. The US was second withapplications filed for their fiscal year to Sept And most of the applications filed in China were by Chinese entities. Indeed, applications by Chinese applicants have been growing much faster than those by foreign applicants, and have outnumbered foreign applicants since Chinese applicants are also filing patents overseas.

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Chinese telecommunications companies now occupy the first and third applicant positions ZTE Corporation and Huawei Technologies, respectively. The 12th Five Year Planapproved in Marchalso emphasises innovation. Indeed, the word appears in the document 39 times. The Plan promotes indigenous research and innovation in science and technology to support the transformation of China into an innovation country. This means that the enforcement of IP rights within China will be increasingly important to Chinese companies and the local economy. The Plan promotes indigenous research and innovation in science and technology to support the transformation of China into an innovation country.

This means that the enforcement of IP rights within China will be increasingly important to Chinese companies and the local economy.

Willing or not, the legal system is being forced to catch up fotum change. And that is good for all IP rights owners in Fogum, whether Chinese or foreign, including Australian. There is a point in registering your IP in China. IP is a priority for the Chinese government, and enforcement of IP rights is improving, both for locals and for foreigners. We hope you enjoy our wines. My job is to provide the tools our staff need to deliver on that vision. An important element is face-to-face communication.

You have to Forx to people — they know more about things than you do. The turnaround He says before joining the airline — Virgin Blue, traading it was known then — it had deviated from its initial model as a low-cost carrier to a mid-tier one by introducing loyalty schemes, Fores limited range of lounges and premium economy. This led to higher costs, and competitors took hrading by offering cheaper fares. Also, Virgin Blue was almost totally dependent on the leisure market, exposing the company to big losses from natural disasters.

He told the board: So he changed the company name to Virgin Australia last year to provide a new identity and a single customer proposition. Aircraft interiors were modified for business class, new lounges were built, existing lounges were renovated and terminals upgraded. This story has been edited, for the full story at www. Join us at LeadingCompany. It is clear from the research that Australian SMEs are feeling the effects of our two-speed economy with more respondents nominating the Australian economy as their main source of concern followed by the global economy, a reversal of similar HSBC research from last year. China is also shifting the focus of its economic growth from exports to more domestically driven consumer growth to cater for the urbanisation of its growing middle class.

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