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And, you''ll gain the knowledge to use this innovative technique to take advantage of financial news and planned events, rather than being at their mercy. You''ll discover a breakthrough technique for utilizing volatility to identify the beginning and end of short-lived trends.

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Far from being too advanced, this chapter addresses complex volatility issues in plain English that every option trader can understand. It also tradign a new charting technique for evaluating very short-term trends lasting just a few minutes-a valuable technique for anyone who follows intraday markets. Fundamental analysis based on company performance and financial predictions has proven meaningless. Jeff Augen''s book lays down clear guidelines to his intraday options strategy that I can report were profitable in the style I trade.

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Abandon outdated trading auge and conventional "wisdom" Minimize your tradinb to market risk and increase your profits by trading in very brief time frames and structuring positions that are direction neutral Understand why your once-reliable technical analysis and charting techniques are failing Explore pdd statistical evidence to discern how new advances in institutional program trading affect the private investor Discover new models for analyzing volatility in different time frames Learn to evaluate option prices by comparing overnight, intraday, and traditional measures of volatility Learn to identify and exploit short-lived volatility changes Use a newly defined charting technique to correctly time trades by identifying the beginning and end of short-term trends.

No serious stock or option trader should be without this book. Specifically, Chapter 3 on trading volatility distortions introduces the idea of 3-D implied volatility surfaces. In Day Trading Options, expert option trader Jeff Augen shows you how to continue to profit even in these chaotic times. I wholly recommend this book.

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Technical traders must now compete with pptions trading programs utilizing supercomputers that analyze and execute trades in millisecond time frames. In doing so, he reveals insights beneficial even for the longer-term option trader. Rowe, President, Online Trading Academy, Texas "Augen''s book breaks new ground with an indispensable and unique approach to evaluating option prices in different time frames.

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