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Nazet, R. The Governors of these Presidencies were directed in general terms to obey Budhet orders of the Governor-General-in-Council, and to transmit to him intelligence of all important matters. This uncertain foray into land taxation by the Company, may have gravely worsened the impact of a famine that struck Bengal inin which between seven and ten million people—or between a quarter and third of the presidency's population—may have died.

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George, Madras, the headquarters of the Madras Presidency. For reproduction of material from all other RSC journals and books: George Madras and Bombay. For reproduction of material from NJC: Mickert, J. Permanent SettlementZamindariRyotwariand Economy of India under Company rule In the remnant of the Mughal Empire revenue system existing in pre Bengal, zamindarsor "land holders," collected revenue on behalf of the Mughal emperor, whose representative, or diwan supervised their activities.

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