Gainskeeper id

By default, this field is set to Other.

Individual Investors

Enter the number of shares to transfer in the Shares field. Use the grid to select specific shares to transfer between brokerage accounts. Enter the number of shares to transfer in the Shares to Transfer field for the desired lot ID s. To clear the entered lot information, click the Clear button. To record the Transfer by ID transaction, click the Record button. To leave this page, without recording the transaction, click the Cancel button.

Use "Sell Grades" to sell optimal lots first. GainsKeeper's Sell Grade measures the tax consequences of your clients' selling their investments and ranks them accordingly. The higher the Sell Grade value, the more favorable the trade is from a tax standpoint. A Sell Grade greater than 1. A Sell Grade of 1. A Sell Grade less than 1.


GainsKeeper's Sell Grade is derived from a proprietary algorithm that considers Gainskeepr tax lot's adjusted cost basis i. In this way, GainsKeeper's Sell Grade is customized to your client's portfolio and tax situation. Recognize losses. GainsKeeper will then identify the maximum potential for savings from selling off losses and point to the specific lots. By default, the Action on this page is set to Withdraw by ID.

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To change this, select a different transaction from the Action drop-down list. The fields that display depend on the transaction that is selected. You can also click the Calendar i and select the appropriate date from the calendar that displays. Do one of the following: Select the Symbol radio button - Enter the security Symbol in the field provided and select whether it is Long or Short. You can then click Verify to confirm you have entered the correct symbol for the security. Once you click Verify, the corresponding security symbol displays in the Symbol field.

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